Woman collapses and dies during visit to new boyfriend

Daniel Chida
LATE: Naledi Mpaleng, GRIEF STRICKEN: Lefetsang Gosego (L-R)

A Botswana Democratic Party’s Secretary for Sefhare/Ramokgonami Constituency, Tekolo Lefetsang Gosego, found himself at the centre of controversy following a heartbreaking incident in which his new lover collapsed and died at his house.

The tragic event, which happened last week became the talk of the village as speculation swirled on what could have killed the young woman who had showed no signs of sickness prior to her death.

Information gathered by this publication has indicated that, Gosego met Naledi Mpaleng, a 44-year-old woman of Lodubeng ward in Kanye, a month ago and were in the early stages of building a relationship.

Their budding friendship took a tragic turn when Mpaleng passed away unexpectedly during a visit to Gosego’s home.

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Recalling the events to this publication, Gosego described how Mpaleng had arrived on Wednesday, and they spent a pleasant evening together without any issues.

“We woke up on Thursday morning, both feeling fine,” Gosego said.

“She was preparing to leave when I suddenly heard a loud bang. I rushed to see what had happened and found her collapsed on the floor.”

Panicked and desperate, Gosego called for help from a neighbour.

Together, they managed to get Mpaleng to the hospital.

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However, despite their quick response, it took about 30 minutes for the deceased to be seen by a doctor.

Tragically, the doctor delivered the devastating news that she was dead.

“The news was shocking and heart-wrenching,” Gosego shared.

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“I immediately informed her family, who have been cooperative and supportive throughout this difficult time. We are now preparing for her funeral, which is likely to be held this weekend.”

He however said that people are using that to tarnish his name.

“I am a politician and people are now spreading propaganda about the tragic event and I urge them to put away political differences for now since this is not a political thing. Let’s show some remorse,” he urged.

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