Grooving In The Ghetto Friday 17 February 2023

Grooving in the Ghetto


Although the name admittedly lacks imagination, the ‘Mother of all Vintage Lifestyle’ experience is expected to bring a fresh new vibe to the second city on Sunday 26 March.

Set for Molapa Lesiure Gardens, the throwback event focuses on the 70s and 90s, with revellers encouraged to dress up in the fashions for those odd decades. Expect hippy-style tie dye, bell-bottom pants, midi skirts, scarves and headbands for the 70s with the 90s known for slip dresses, bomber jackets, scrunchies and plaid flannel shirts.

Although organiser, Pablo Tshambani and his team are yet to reveal the line-up, tickets are already on sale at a stall near Blue Jacket Street Pick N Pay.

They’re also available at Liquorama in both Galo and Sunshine Plaza malls, and are going for P60 single and P100 double.

The show starts from 10am until late.


Motswakolista Kgwarela has just dropped ‘Overcome’, a single featuring producer and singer, Tshepo Lesole.

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Previously known as Lex, the rapper born now uses another one of his moniker Kgwarela as his stage name.

Grooving In The Ghetto Friday 17 February 2023

‘Overcome’ is a mellow tune lacking in depth saved slightly by Lesole lending his golden voice to the chorus.

Mpelega’s rap, however, is disappointing; I know he can do better!

For some reason, his flow is not as smooth as it usually is and listeners will likely find their attention drifting as Mpelega waffles on; fortunately, T-Les in on hand to give this tune some form of respectability.

Underwhelming best describes this one!

Rating: 5/10

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It’s getting to that time of year again when Thapama Pleasure Island starts preparing for its annual Black and White party.

Set for Saturday 1 April, style and elegance is the name of the game this year as the gig, the brainchild of DJ Cue, takes place under the theme ‘007’.

Tickets for the James Bond-inspired event are already on sale, with a special February offer of P100 for singles and P200 for doubles.

Grooving In The Ghetto Friday 17 February 2023

In March, the price rises to P150 and P250.

There’s also a VIP double ticket going for P2, 000 – while that may sound a tad on the pricey side, the deal entitles you to bottomless drinking of the best spirits and whiskeys, or perhaps even a Martini, shaken not stirred of course!

Some of the sponsors include: BK Proctor, Events Live, and Cresta Thapama.

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