Pula The Musical showing this weekend

Leungo Mokgwathi
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Pula The Musical (pic: Thalefang Charles)

If you missed the opportunity to witness former Miss Botswana, Palesa Molefe’s return to theater, worry not! The beauty queen will once again grace the stage for the popular Pula Musical this weekend at Maitisong Theatre.

Dubbed Botswana’s biggest theatre production yet, the highly in demand musical will show for two nights: 2nd and 3rd June 2023.

The curtains will lift at 7pm to make way for an incredibly talented cast led by Palesa Molefe, Ntirang Berman, Kalima Mipata, Gabriel Modise and Pesalema Motshodi.

“It’s the same musical that was shown in April, but we have tweaked the storyline just a bit to make it even more captivating,” explained Pula Musical Projects Manager Kabelo Rapinyana.

“The musical depicts a purely authentic Botswana story which portrays the relationship that Batswana have with rain. It celebrates Botswana as a nation and tells our story through song and dance.”

When drought hits a small village in Botswana, the chief assembles his villagers to find a solution.  One young woman, Mmapula, is identified as the rainmaker who must set forth on an adventurous search for a specific type of life-giving rain for her people.

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Rapinyana added that the vision is to ultimately export the musical so that the rest of the world can share in this Botswana story. “But, we have to first make it famous with Batswana, and once we are certain that they love the product that tells their story, we can take it beyond our local borders.”

The musical is produced and directed by Andrew Letso Kola. Tickets are selling for P250 for each night.

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