Chillin Out Friday June 23, 2023



The news of DJ Sly relocation to Duma FM barely lasted two seconds before being overshadowed by some disturbing allegations.

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Shaya was busy surfing social media when I came across a Twitter post from songstress Jordie that read, “Ehe ke rre yole wa go emisa go tshameka dipina tsame ko Rb2 because ke ganne go mo fa marago LOL.”

According to Jordie, the former Rb2 star wanted sex from her and when she refused, he swore to never play her songs on air again.

Those are some deep claims from Jordie which have divided the country: some labelled her a liar while others argued such abusive behaviour was common in the entertainment industry.

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Shaya must have a few readers in the BFA camp if Saturday’s press-conference after the Zebras game on Saturday is anything to go by.

A keen follower of football, especially when the national team are playing, Yours Truly was impressed with the professional set-up provided for the post match questioning of the coaches.

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Chillin Out Friday June 23, 2023
Set-up after the Tunisia game last year Vs A more professional look after the Libya match. (L-R)

Certainly, it was worlds away from the embarrassing ‘rusty table’ laid out for the coaches when Botswana played Tunisia a year ago – something Shaya was quick to highlight at the time!

Keep these improvements up and we might just land AFCON after all – maybe Shaya should come on board as an advisor!

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More fire on the BW Twitter feed this week was provided by Segofalang Nagafela-Bibiza, daughter to former MP Filbert Nagafela.

Aside from her famous father, Sego is best known for her Human Resources enterprise, which is in the business of recruitment and CV revamping.

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However, she has been accused of scamming some hopeful unemployed individuals who sought her services.

Chillin Out Friday June 23, 2023

These individuals apparently paid for her to revamp their CVs, only to end up being ghosted.

She tried to defend herself, but ended up deleting her posts after her accusers pulled out receipts.

If the claims are true, Shaya hopes Sego will do the right thing and offer refunds or else do what she was supposedly paid to do.

Seems those social media scams are mushrooming, y’all be careful with upfront payments to people you’ve never met.


The fit footballer we saw zooming around the pitch over the weekend looks a man transformed from the shabby looking individual who was trending on social media a few weeks ago.

Whatever recent deliverance Sox Molwantwa has undergone, Shaya wants a piece of that – the dreadlocked star looked fantastic at the Clash of the Legends game, lighting up the National Stadium just like he did in the good old days.

Chillin Out Friday June 23, 2023
CROWD PULLER : Sox Molwantwa

As soon as the former Zebras striker came on, the crowd went wild, giving him, as well as other football legends, the respect they deserve.

It’s great to see that theirs is a legacy never to be forgotten


“My political activism takes a lot from my career advancement, 11 years of my life. I can’t complain but maybe it’s time to leave!” Resego Kgosidintsi before officially resigning as BNFYL President

Chillin Out Friday June 23, 2023
CALLING IT QUITS: Resego Kgosidintsi
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