Dikoloti- Serame factions divide comms comittee

Daniel Chida

Some of the members likely to be kicked out before the end of the week- Source

Members of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Communications and International Relations Committee are deeply divided over their allegiances to two Ministers, Edwin Dikoloti of Health and Peggy Serame of Finance.

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The two Ministers are likely to face each other during the party’s Primary elections, hence the emergence of the two factions in the comms committee.

Information gathered by this publication has indicated that some of the members may be called for a disciplinary hearing or kicked out of the team by the end of this week.

“They are indirectly campaigning and fuelling divisions at Goodhope/Mmathethe constituency where Dikoloti and Serame are likely to compete against each other.” Dikoloti’s constituency, Mmathethe/ Molapowabojang was dismantled leaving him with no choice but to be up against Serame in primary elections.

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According to a source, it is the possible clash of the two Ministers that has caused divisions within the committee. “Some feel Serame is being given preferential treatment by the President over other possible and more deserving candidates while some members of the committee feel they will benefit personally from the faction before elections,” added the source who gave an example of a committee member who is likely to fly out to America with Dikoloti although he is not assigned to the Ministry of Health.

“Each Comms team member is allocated his/her own Ministry but don’t be surprised to see them going on assignments from Ministries that do not fall under their portfolio” said the source.

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However, BDP Chairman of Communications, Kagelelo Kentse has dismissed allegations of a divided Comms team as false. “I am not aware of any division, it is business as usual and next week Wednesday we are meeting as we usually do after every Central Committee meeting,” said Kentse.

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