Celeb edition with SG

Kitso Ramono
CROWD PULLER: SG in action

Years have passed since Colastraw, a pioneer of House music locally and one of Francistown’s true music legends, ruled the nightlife in the north.

The Ghetto’s entertainment scene has shifted, and a new generation are taking over.

Leading the way is Brianton Mpho Gaseitsiwe, known as ‘SG’ in showbizz, along with his group, KA DI 29.

Let’s find out more about the 30-year-old promoter making first-rate moves in the second city…

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Briefly tell us about yourself?

My full names are Brianton Mpho Gaseitsiwe, I was born in Gaborone but raised in Francistown from the age of five.

I’m an entertainment promoter, I host music events and host artists around clubs in Francistown.

I am part of a registered company called KA DI 29 run by four vibrant ghetto youth.

I’m currently 30 years old and threw myself a birthday bash with Murumba Pitch earlier this year to celebrate the milestone.

I belong to a minority light skinned Kalanga group of people and yes I do speak the language, even though people stare at me with confusion when I do.

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I’m actually from Tutume.

So what inspired the birth of KA DI 29 and the name itself?

KA DI 29 is a movement born right after government announced the end of lockdown.

I said to myself ‘mme go batla re jele monate KA DI 29’.

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At first it was all about having fun, but we realised how much support we had from people and we started taking it very seriously.

We wanted to bridge the gap in Francistown’s entertainment industry as it seemed like each and every week of every month of every year it was the exact same people delivering the exact same type of entertainment.

We became an official events management company then.

Plus a very special person to me was born on the 29th, my mother.

I have a team of four that are seniors, Bomba, TJM, Aisha, Chantal.

The rest are the promoters, about 16 of them, whom I work with.

Before embarking on the entertainment scene, what were you up to?

Well I came back from school in December of 2018.

I was studying my Masters Degree in Project Management at the University of Liverpool in the UK.

After graduating my MSc at the age of 25, I came to work here in Francistown at Naledi Motors.

About a year into the job I resigned as lost my eyesight in one eye and was struggling to cope with the long hours.

I then opened a carwash, Carwash Ya Tautona, in Selepa during Covid.

Whilst still running the carwash, early in 2021 I got a part-time job as a lecturer at IDM Francistown Campus, which I really enjoyed but the contract ended after six months.

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I did not lose hope because three months later I started KA DI 29; we hosted our first ever event in October 2021.

And are you a full-time promoter or do you have a 9 to 5?

I am an entrepreneur.

I have had my hand in almost everything, from carwashes to selling my own branded clothes: ReOn.

Currently I am an events manager, events management consultant, international artists agent, recording artist, DJ, promoter, owner of KA DI 29 events, Director of Trounce Africa PTY LTD and I recently started a working partnership with Lizard Entertainment.

This year I’ve released music with acts like WayKay, Abitola, Shathi, Sean Pink and Baskho.

Our lead single ‘Sghubu’ peaked number 3 on Yarona FM.

The compilation is available on all digital platforms.

Wow, a busy boy then! How have you found being a promoter in the second city?

Being a promoter in Francistown is tricky.

There’s a lot sour people in this entertainment industry who act like gate keepers, who want everything to themselves, who will go out of their way to sabotage your events.

You’ve been going for exactly two years now – which show was your most memorable?

Believe it or not my most successful show was the very first one.

KA DI 29 presents HEY NYENAAH x SG October 2021.

Otherwise the rest have performed slightly similarly, we have had seven successful shows all together in the past two years.

What’s the highlight of your career to date?

Seeing people that I taught graduating is a moment I cherish.

But all in all the brand that I’ve built, KA DI 29, reaching the heights it has reached now.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I was diagnosed with Keratoconus when I was 12. It causes severe loss of vision. So le ska re ke makgakga ke sale buise ka bo ke sa le bone, just come and say hi, I am the nicest person that I know
2. I was born on my mother’s birthday that’s why my middle name is Mpho
3. I was an only child for 13 years then I became an older brother to triplets!
4. My favorite people/things – Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, 2pac (old school), Jay- Z (all time) Liverpool FC, Portugal FC. All black clothes. Oxtail ka madombi, o nkutlwe. Heineken ya dumpie, Glenfiddich
5. I love dogs. I have my first pitbull’s paw tattooed on my chest

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