GPH Doctor sued P1 million for botched surgery

Portia Mlilo

A patient who suffered severe pain, disfigurement, and disability after a surgical procedure went wrong has been awarded P1 million in compensation by the Gaborone High Court.

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The patient, identified as Mr. AGM for privacy reasons, underwent a stapled haemorrhoidopexy operation at Life Gaborone Private Hospital on June 13, 2018.

The operation was performed by Dr. Anthony Sibiya, who allegedly placed the suture too deep and low, causing damage to the anal sphincter and skin.

The following day, Mr. AGM complained of intense pain, swelling of the buttocks and scrotum, and difficulty in passing urine and stools.

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Dr. Sibiya prescribed painkillers and assured him that the pain was normal.

Three days later, he was discharged and sent home to Ramotswa.

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The next morning, Mr. AGM felt a strong urge to defecate but could not.

He discovered a swab with fecal matter at his anal orifice, which he pulled out.

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He rushed back to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with fournier’s gangrene, a life-threatening flesh-eating infection.

To save his life, doctors had to perform multiple excisions on the infected areas, including his buttocks, scrotum, and thighs.

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They also attached skin grafts from his thighs to replace the lost tissue and connected a colostomy bag to his stomach for stool passage.

In April 2019, the colostomy was reversed, but Mr. AGM was left with involuntary bowel movements and loss of control over his sphincter.

He sought further medical assistance from Dr. Surridge in South Africa, whose report was used as evidence in court.

Mr. AGM sued Dr. Sibiya for negligence, claiming that he failed to perform the operation properly and caused him irreparable harm.

He demanded compensation for his pain, suffering, loss of quality of life, disfigurement, disability, and medical expenses.

Justice Michael Leburu ruled in favor of Mr. AGM and ordered Dr. Sibiya to pay him P400,000 for general damages, P400,000 for disfigurement and disability, P15,615.97 and R13,591.45 for medical expenses, and legal costs for the lawsuit.

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