Tujilijili hits bots

Francinah Baaitse Mmana

Banned Zambian whisky floods local market

It was banned in Zambia way back in 2012.

Nobody within the country’s borders is allowed to manufacturer, consume, stock or import it. Those caught drinking it face a possible two-year prison sentence.

Eight years later and tujilijili, the potent spirits contained in 60ml plastic sachets, have found a market in Botswana.

In Kazungula and Kasane especially, tourism towns that lie along the Zambia-Botswana border, tujilijili whisky is a common and increasingly popular drink.

Local police have discovered that during the current ban on liquor sales in Botswana, tujilijili sachets have emerged as the people’s favourite.

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“This liquor does not have a common name, but we have arrested many people who are selling it,” confirmed Kazungula Police Station Commander, Superintendent Paul Chimbi Chaluza.

The top cop revealed that often they catch the consumers first who then lead the police to the sellers.

“This past weekend we arrested one who was selling sachets of Bols whisky,” continued Chaluza.

The strong booze’s alcohol content traditionally exceeds 40 percent. Usually consumers dilute the contents with water to make the hard-hitting beverage last longer. The concoction is said to be selling a lot cheaper than bottled liquor on the black market further adding to its popularity.

“They come in different names and we have arrested others selling this kind of liquor before,” added Chaluza.

The policeman also disclosed that an elderly couple was arrested in Kazungula last week for defying the ban on tobacco and selling Kingsgate cigarettes.

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According to Chaluza, a 62-year-old man, his wife and a driver, who transported 364 packets of tens (3, 640 cigarettes) to Newstance location in Kazungula, were charged for the offence.

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