Toddler dies from boiling water burns

Gofaone Koogotsitse
ILLUSTRATION: Boiling water

Parents failed to take the girl to hospital, using honey to treat the wounds at home

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Police in Phitshane Molopo are investigating a sad incident in which a three-year-old girl died a month after being scalded by boiling water.

It seems the child’s parents delayed taking their little girl to the hospital, instead preferring to treat her wounds at home by anointing them with honey.

Although she appeared to be getting better, her condition deteriorated last week. On Friday (10 November), when her parents finally sought medical assistance, it was already too late. She died the same day.

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It is said the child sustained serious burns on the left side on the arm, stomach and thigh.

Sources disclosed that the matter was reported to the police by a certain man from the same residence, who realised the girl was in critical condition after he was asked by her 44-year-old father to assist with transport from their home in Leporung’s Mmanoko ward to the clinic.

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In a brief interview with The Voice, Phitshane Molopo Station Commander, Thusego Kenyafetse confirmed they were looking into the matter.

“We are awaiting the results of post-mortem which was conducted on Tuesday. During questioning, the parents revealed that the little girl got burnt by boiling water last month on October 15th but they didn’t take her to seek medical assistance from the clinic, thinking that it wasn’t too bad and hopeful that she would be okay,” revealed the police boss.

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