Sex, crime hotspot

Portia Mlilo
CRIME HOTSPOT: ST Joseph College flyover

The newly constructed flyover near St. Josephs College was meant to ease flow of traffic and reduce road highway accidents, but the magnificent structure has become a hotspot for mischief and it harbors sickening crimes of its own.

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In the week that a man and his girlfriend were attacked and robbed of property worth P10, 130, Old Naledi Police had recorded four more similar incidents.

Oblivious to the danger lurking in the shadows of the bridge, several couples are said to have been attacked by criminals in separate incidents while having casual sex under the shelter of the flyover.

Police say crime has also increased at Gaborone Dam site and Kgale Hill where people go for exercising and are robbed of their valuables.

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From the 1st of July, the police have registered three robbery cases which occurred up Kgale hill, three cases at Gaborone dam site and five of couples who were attacked at the St Josephs flyover.

In these 11 incidents, victims were robbed of cash and gadgets such as cellphones valued at P250 000.

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On July 6th, a man reported that he was with his female friend and when he stopped near the flyover to relieve himself, two unknown men attacked them armed with a hammer, knife and sharpened metal rod.

They were robbed of cell phones, shoes, clothes all valued at P10, 130.

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In another incident on the 2nd of July at around 1400hrs a victim drove to the dam with his son and friends when they were attacked by six unknown culprits on their way back to where they had parked their car.

He was robbed of his iPhone 10 worth P8 000, iPhone 8 worth P6 000,binoculars worth P2 000, belt worth P70, watch worth P150 and hearing aids worth P40 000.

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Speaking to the Voice this week, Officer in Charge CID, Superintendent Thalinah Sethatho, confirmed the incidents.

She said in most robbery incidents near the flyover, couples are attacked and they claim they were pressed and wanted to relieve themselves.

Sethatho said when they thoroughly investigate, some end up confessing that they were attacked by the unknown culprits when having sex in their cars.

“This is worrisome and these cases are normally reported every weekend. If the culprits don’t find cash on victims, they will tie them up and hold them hostage while the others go to the nearest mall to withdraw their money from the ATMs. Police go to these hotspots to sensitize people about the dangers of training and chilling in those areas. We have also asked our Crime Prevention Department to assist with boards where we will write the cautioning messages,” said Sethatho

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