Saleshando exposed

Daniel Chida
DISMISSIVE: Saleshando

* His plot to exit from UDC is a done deal- Source

* The allegation is bullshit-Saleshando

*Any party that moves out of the UDC will perish- Mohwasa

Botswana Congress Party (BCP), President, Dumelang Saleshando’s alleged plot to use BCP country tour as a yardstick to gauge the popularity of his party outside the opposition coalition has been exposed.

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A reliable source close to the BCP presidency has alleged that Saleshando has been planning an exit strategy from the Umbrella for Democratic Change for sometime now.

The source further claimed that Saleshando has confided to his inner circle that he can no longer work with the UDC President, Duma Boko any longer.

“It is a done deal; he is using the tour to test if voters are prepared to accept them back as BCP away from the UDC.”

The source further stated that BCP Central Committee was on Saleshando’s side, especially after the controversy that surrounded the University of Botswana Student Council elections, which led to the pulling out of BCP from UDC’s UB coalition known as’Moono WA Baithuti’ leaving Botswana National Front in partnership with Alliance for Progressives. (AP)

“The central committee is now committed to finding a way to execute an exit because they think their relationship with BNF is too toxic to salvage,” added the source.

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However, Saleshando dismissed the allegation as not only rubbish but bull@#%!

“It’s rubbish, total rubbish, it’s ‘Bull@#%! There are some who think they can push BCP out of UDC, first move was UB SRC elections. The issue is why alienate BCP for a non-UDC member? Saleshando asked.

Meanwhile UDC’s Head of Communications, Moeti Mohwasa said that they were not aware that their partners wanted to pull out.

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“It is doubtful if such an idea exists in any of the contracting parties. Any party that moves out of the UDC will perish and I have no doubt that all the contracting parties are aware of this. The UDC brand equity has become so strong that all those who are opposed to BDP want to associate with.”

He added that it took a lot of effort and sacrifices by selfless individuals to build the UDC brand.

“This includes some members at AP and BPF. Pulling out of or not associating with the UDC will be an act of political Harakiri.”

Mohwasa said that although they have learnt through social media platforms about the BCP tour the party was not bound to inform them.

“All Parties in the UDC are free to organize independently. Note that the UDC is not really a political party per se but a political movement, which is a compromise to accommodate the electoral act of the country. It is a vehicle that is used to have independent parties coalesce under it to have a seamless transition if we attain state power.”

Mohwasa added that their believe is that the tour is meant to make the BCP stronger and the UDC is set to benefit from a strong BCP.

“In fact all UDC affiliates should be encouraged to organize and make their structures stronger,” Mohwasa said.

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