Sharon Mathala

WATCH: Last Saturday, 23-year-old Thuto Rantao sang her way into the hearts of the nation to clinch the 2021 My African Dream (M.A.D) crown.

Having hypnotized the judges and public alike with her pitch-perfect voice and on-stage energy (her stunning good looks didn’t hurt either!), Thuto’s dream is just beginning as she sets her sights on a career in music.

The daughter of Women of Jazz member, Kearoma Rantao – indeed her superstar mother was her backup vocalist at the grand finale in Gaborone – Thuto has greatness in her blood.
While her rise to stardom was seemingly inevitable it was certainly spectacular!

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Fresh from her stunning victory, the petite singer visited The Voice’s headquarters this week where she sat down with SHARON MATHALA to reminisce over a M.A.D few days.

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