Pastors say no to homosexuality

Portia Mlilo
Pastor Koosimile

Pastors have warned Members of Parliament not to vote on Bill 29 draft to legalise homosexuality in Botswana saying it is abomination.

The government of Botswana has published a law with interest to bring the bill to parliament and to pass it into law to legalise homosexuality. The bill was expected to be debated yesterday (Thursday , 06) in Parliament.

Our Reporter Portia Mlilo interviewed church leaders and pastors to get their views on the bill.

Pastor Jobe Koosimile

I am against this bill. This is against God’s principles and word. We don’t spite gays, we love them but not their practices. This is killing the setup of family. God has made a man and a woman to multiply.

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They can only adopt children when they are fertile and able to have kids. This is wrong. If our leaders in parliament can vote for this then people should not vote for them (a ba timiwe tlhopho ka gore ba tla bo ba re senyetsa lefatshe). Let me be clear on this one, irrespective of the party they belong to.

Pastors say no to homosexuality
Reverend Thuso Tiego

Reverend Thuso Tiego

The Bible says homosexuality is a shameful thing and therefore this should not be allowed. This is in the same bracket with stealing, adultery, fornication and others. So, we don’t want to find ourselves in a situation where after homosexuality is legalised, those who are fornicating will come forth and say they were born like that so they want it to be legalised.

We know people say they have been formed differently and I must say it is an interference of the devil. The devil interferes with the natural process when that child is still carried in mother’s womb. These people just need spiritual intervention.. If Member of Parliament can support that then they should not be voted back to lead us in 2024.

Pastor Moffat Lubinda

The EFB committee will meet this weekend to finalise its position on the bill. There are various opinions and we need to speak with one voice. We are going to look at the law and decision of the court of appeal. Some pastors are stuck to the old testament which says an eye for an eye. Romans chapter I says that God gave these people up to define themselves and that such behaviour is an abomination.

Everybody is going to pay for their sins not because you belong to Botswana or America. Are we going to hell as the nation or individuals? Are we saying there is no privacy or not? These are the issues our organisation will look into; private versus public morality. I understand there is a statement circulating on social media and I must indicate that it is not from EFB

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