Ezra Neethings and Bushiri’s toxic breakup

Leungo Mokgwathi
NOT IN AGREEMENT: Neethings & Bushiri (L-R)

Musician claims he was not fired, but left on his own

Ezra Neethings has rubbished claims made by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s ECG church that he was fired from the church for misconduct.

Throughout the week, the Danko hitmaker’s name became a popular social media search as a result of a demeaning statement said to have been published by the church.

“We have been instructed to inform every son and daughter of Major one that this man who uses the name “NEETHINGS” to his real first name EZRA is no longer a member of our Church.”

The statement explained that the main reason for his dismissal was “ misconduct, a lack of discipline and his desperation for fast individual fame over the work of God that he ignores to do lately, as he had been faithfully doing while still unknown to the public”

However Neethings said that the statement came as a shock, especially since he left the church in March last year.

“I really have no idea of the basis for the statement and the vague accusations said in them.”

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“I was not kicked out of the church, but left on my own to expand my horizons as a musician.” He stressed.

It seems that the storm broke out over a Facebook post by the musician over the long weekend which read “You don’t need a prophet, but there is a reason why God will send you one.”

Neethings says the statement was just an observation and not supposed to be a jab at anyone.

Another thing that may be counted as a jab though is his recently released track Madila Mpeng.

The timing of the release couldn’t have been more odd as the lyrics suggest betrayal and exploitation.

Once again, he denied any relations to the current situation between him and the church.

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“The song is meant to be thought provoking, and I see that people have attached their own meanings to it, which is to be expected in any song.”

“The song and the post have clearly triggered some individuals into beast mode but that’s not my problem.”

Bushiri’s followers have unleashed their wrath all over Neething’s social media but he maintains that he is not perturbed as “the battle is not even worth my time.”

Neethings has been under Bushiri’s record label Major One records, however, he feels that he owes nothing to Bushiri’s church as his brand was already capable before they met.

“There was Ezra before I met these people so I cannot say that they built me, except of course the platform they gave me.”

While Bushiri’s followers continue their rants and efforts to bite his head off, Neethings claims that he is still in perfect communication with the church leadership, hence his shock toward the statement.

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He is currently working on an EP called Lost Souls that might just be an even bigger jab, and hopefully tell the true story.

“This whole situation is actually what inspired the upcoming EP. I had planned on releasing it in June but it is coming sooner than that in light of what is currently happening.”

Some followers of Bushiri continue to hurl insults at him under the belief that he has backslidden due to fame.

“Please don’t trust this guy, he is no longer the Ezra we know, small change of money is misleading him to insult prophets,” read one comment.

Neethings is not the first musician to drop Bushiri’s label. Onesimus, a Malawian artist who also sprung into the industry through Major One records, also ditched the record company last May to apparently go into secular music.

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