Celeb edition with Phlyhoney

Leungo Mokgwathi
PLENTY TO SAY: Phlyhoney is never shy of a word or two

Adding focus and determination to her natural, God-given enthusiasm for life, Phlyhoney has cemented her place amongst the country’s favourite radio personalities and top MCs.

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In addition to her stunning looks and charismatic attitude, she possesses the unique trait of effortlessly fitting into different event scenarios.

Fresh from hosting the 2023 Gaborone Pride March and Festival at the weekend, the lively, lovely Phlyhoney caught up with Celeb Edition for a quick glimpse into her glamorous life.

Talk us through your journey in radio.

I have always loved radio as a kid.

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Growing up with my grandparents in Molepolole, our main source of information was radio – (laughing) and you can guess which radio station!

I always wondered what a radio station looked like and in 2010 I went to DumaFM and met Kealeboga Dihutso who gave me a chance.

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I worked in all the departments of the radio station so as to learn how it works.

I left for Corporate in April 2012 but seven years later, my urge to enter showbiz had grown so much and that’s when I joined Gabz FM in 2021 as a trainee.

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Today I have my own show ‘Phly By Night’ every Saturday from 6pm to 9pm.

Why radio?

KRD said I had unfinished business and I agreed.

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So, I went back, trained and learnt more.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered as a radio host?

There is so much talent in Botswana and you have to fight for your space.

You really have to work hard.

Luckily, I have, so I’ve been told, a great work ethic and I am determined to attain my dream.

Oh, not yet please!

I still have a lot to do.

My show celebrates and promotes local music, creatives and DJs; as long as they are creating, I will always have a show.

You’re also well known for your clothing brand. Kindly tell our readers more about it.

Phlyhoney Clothing is an urban streetwear brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the slogan is #makesomemoney, which is named after me of course.

I love to look good, and I thought I would share this with my followers, friends and family.

It has grown really well over the years; we are currently working on a launch and a capsule collection.

Have you always been into entrepreneurship?

Oh yes! Since I was a kid.

I watched my grandmother make money from things around her.

She rented phones to people in my kgotla, she sold ice pops and firewood.

Then my aunt had a restaurant that she ran, and I’d sometimes work there during the holidays.

She’d give me money and I’d think of ways to multiply it.

Talking of multiplying, you’re also a sought-after MC. Which events do you like hosting?

Ohhh corporate events!

They pay good money #MakeSomeMoney!

Also, they are super professional: from being engaged to work, briefings and all.

I like outdoor events too.

They are always fun with amazing vibes and people.

How do you balance it all?

Honestly? Grit!

You hosted the Gaborone Pride Festival last Saturday. Why does such a cause matter to you?

It’s important to support marginalized people because the moment we turn a blind eye we expose them to abuse, and they can’t ask for help.

People should be allowed to be free as long as they are not harming anyone.

Well said! So have you ever turned down an MCing gig because it clashed with your personal values?


Which one brings in the most money: radio, mc’ing or your clothing business?

All of them combined bring in the money.

That’s how I make a living.

If you were a Marvel Movie character, who would you be?

Ant Man.

I would go inside Thanos’ mouth and expand inside him and blow him up!

One MC you’d love to host an event with?

Locally? Loungo Andre Pitse.

He is killing the game right now.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I am actually a very nice person
2. I am a good dancer
3. I come from Lobatse
4. I worked in Corporate for like seven years
5. I am friends with Rick Ross

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