Naked girls don’t sell music videos-Dstv

Leungo Mokgwathi
Multichoice Botswana Corporate Affairs Manager : Thembile Legwaila

Channel O Bots Top 5 launches call for video submissions

The biggest buzz at Multichoice Botswana right now is the newly launched Bots Top5, a Channel O music video countdown show which aims to celebrate local Botswana artists and their works. On May, 09, a call-for-submissions was launched with a 10 weeks window, for qualifying videos to be aired on the show.

On that note, last Wednesday, a day after Bots Top5 was officially launched, Multichoice Botswana in collaboration with Multichoice South Africa hosted a content creators workshop which rounded up some of Botswana’s biggest names in film and content creation.

Senior Manager for Scripted Content Tebogo Matlawa, Music Programming Manager David Molotlhanyi and Senior Manager under Content Strategy, Melusi Sibisi from Multichoice South Africa, led the three-hour lesson at Avani, which touched on the basics of writing for film, understanding target audience and tips for making content submissions at DSTV.

As a word of advice to musicians who are interested in making submissions for the new show, Molotlhanyi said that, “Contrary to what seems to be the shared sentiment across music video producers, naked girls don’t always sell music videos.”

According to Molothanyi, the most important aspects of a good music video are: creativity, storytelling and quality.

“We want to know more about Botswana, who you are as a people and the kind of lifestyle you lead,” added Matlawa.

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“Not to rule out the expensive cars, booze and big booties though, if they match the story, then go ahead,” he said

Matlawa went on to reveal that there isn’t enough Botswana music video content, hence Bots Top5 which shows only five videos each episode. “We are hoping that this programme can inspire Batswana musicians to put out more quality music videos so that the show can grow to become Bots Top20 and even Bots Top50 someday.”

Adding on, local film producer Johnson Otlaadisa said that local creatives are yet to develop in their people an appetite for local stories. “If we are being honest, we haven’t done our best to prove ourselves enough for Batswana to crave our content. We need to earn the trust of broadcasters and ultimately the viewer,”said Otlaadisa.

In closing, Multichoice Botswana Corporate Affairs Manager Thembile Legwaila called for collaboration amongst creatives so as to develop and grow the local film industry.

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