Chillin Out Friday 13 October, 2023

Vee Mampeezy


It appears that Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne’s Botswana stop was a successful one, which comes as no surprise though, because we Africans will jump at any opportunity that promises prophecy and miracle money.

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The great man of God was apparently here to preach the gospel and change lives, and Shaya is still trying to process how exactly ‘Holy Ghost laughter’ brings people closer to God.

Interestingly, our very own Mampeezy was amongst the few who were swept away by the Holy Ghost laughter.

What’s interesting is how he always seems to be one of the most reactive to the Holy Spirit, especially when we are speaking of international Prophets.

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It has been just over a month since Yarona FM’s most popular presenter switched off her mic, and while Shaya applauds her for standing her ground, I must admit radio just isn’t the same without Lezozo’s hype.

Shaya also thought that by now, one of the local radio stations would have snatched the talented MC, but it is taking way longer than expected.

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Chillin Out Friday 13 October, 2023

Except for a few gigs here and there, Lezozo seems to have gone off the radar.

A little birdie has however informed Yours Truly that she might be launching her very own podcast soon.

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Shaya hopes that the process is taking this long because she’s still finding that niche, which will separate her from the rest, because to be honest, we have had it with the Wannabe MacGee’s!!


Shaya stands to be corrected, but aren’t Master KG and O ska bora Teachere the best of friends?

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I mean, last time he was in Botswana, he gave a shout out to the teacher and even organised a link up with him.

So why is Master KG making music with every upcoming Motswana artist except the poor teacher?

Chillin Out Friday 13 October, 2023
QUESTIONABLE: Master Kg and Teachere’s friendship

The teacher/MC/Comedian/Artist etc… has been really lucky over the past two years, scoring himself two cars for free and getting monetary donations from different celebs.

Perhaps he’s run out of that luck?

Or maybe that should be a sign for him to put a pause on his musical pursuits and focus on other things he’s actually good at.


A certain Barbie doll raised a number of eyebrows during a recent event he was hosting after patrons noticed a clothing tag hanging on his outfit.

One could have easily concluded that it was an honest forgetful mistake, however, seeing as to how he quickly stashed it back in his shirt, that might not be the case.

Shaya has established that in order to curate the perfect aesthetic on their feed, our struggling influencers front other people’s apartments and clothes to give an illusion of how well they are doing.

I guess sometimes, you have to fake it in order to make it!

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