Scar and Latty kiss and make up

Leungo Mokgwathi

After a highly-publicized feud which sent social media into a frenzy over allegations that Latty had slept with Scar’s baby momma, it appears the two have decided to bury the hatchet, and are already jumping into bed together for Latty’s most recent project, Platinum Fridays.

Scar, who spoke about the beef at length on a local podcast show last year, expressing his distaste towards Latty, whom he had considered a younger brother, is set to make a special guest appearance alongside Nijel Amos and Ryan Ramonyepele at the Platinum Fridays, a weekly entertainment session to be hosted on Fridays at Platinum Hotel in Tlokweng.

“Our reconciliation was actually unplanned. A mutual friend of ours was on a video call with Scar and decided to bring the phone over to me. I was tipsy and so was Scar, so we laughed it off, started vibing and the rest was history. It was that simple and stupid,” Latty shared.

The controversial Booty Butt Chicks hitmaker, who is also the host of Latty’s Smash or Pass, launched the intimate sessions last Friday 27th May, featuring “a heated line-up of performers, DJ’s and special guest appearances.”

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“The aim of the Platinum Fridays is to create a calm, safe and fun environment where beautiful people can come have amazing food and drinks paired with some amazing music every Friday night,” explained Latty, who is also the resident DJ.

Singer, Tafnaz, and DJs Cody and Theo Smart were the entertainers of the night, while Duma FM’s ever so vibrant Letty Kopi was the MC.

“The Platinum Fridays music playlist will be quite versatile. We will be jamming to AmaPiano, Afrobeat, RnB, Hip Hop and House music. However, there won’t be any ratchet music like Rhumba and Gqom.”

Loyal followers of Latty’s Smash and Pass have no reason to worry, though, as the comic YouTube show is still on, with the latest episode dropping this Friday.

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