Abudant food in Maun this indepedence

Mbulawa splashed at least P150 000 towards independence festivities

This year Maun residents enjoyed a good feast on Independence day as politicians dug deep into their pockets to ensure that every ward in the village cooked up a storm and ate to their contentment.

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This past week was a very busy one with loads of gifts being presented to Village Development Committees (VDC) as part of preparations for the celebrations.

In particular, ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) aspiring candidates in the party’s primary election were seen giving generously to communities in and around Maun, among them Reaboka Mbulawa, a local businessman and politician with interest in contesting for Maun East constituency, Thato Elias, a local businessman and church leader interested in Maun North and another local businessman and farmer, Gakenosi Mpho also having his eyes on Maun North.

Mbulawa in particular confirmed to have splashed at least P150 000 towards independence festivities.

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Among his donations were 35 goats worth P35 000, food hampers worth P50 000 and an additional P55 000 which will be spent on horse race and football tournament that will be held in Somelo village, located about 85 kilometres from Maun this coming weekend.

Asked about the other costs, Mbulawa explained, “All these plus fuel and transport costs totals P150 000 and I am happy because this is for my people, my community and the Lord.”

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Mbulawa further explained that for him independence means financial liberation and the ability to strive for giving back regardless of the circumstance of life.

“There is no life without the needy, without debuts and shortcomings, however giving back that tenth means you have received from the Lord and you shall give back without stealing from the house of the Lord and that is the agreement and covenant I live by and I believe in dearly,” Mbulawa explained and went further to publish it on his facebook account.

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Meanwhile Elias is also said to have spent a sizeable amount of money buying food combos for every ward in Maun North while Mpho donated nine cows which was slaughtered and the meat distributed across all wards under Maun North.

“We are not trying to buy people’s affection but to celebrate with them. We come a long way as a country an it is our tradition to gather at one place in our wards, cook and enjoy independence and e were contributing towards that. It is not about the amount spent but rather that we give from the heart,” Mpho noted as he wished everyone in Botswana happy and safe independence holidays.

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