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Daniel Chida

My strongest conviction on this matter is that most of our losses have been owing largely to the disunity within our structures – BDP SG

Having started his Botswana Democratic Party activism in Selibe Phikwe where he became a ward secretary and later Councillor for Kopano Ward before rising to Selibe Phikwe Deputy Mayor, Kavis Kario elevated to being Member of Parliament for Selibe Phikwe West in 2004.

He was also appointed Assistant Minister of Education.

In the past BDP elective congress in Tsabong, Kario emerged as the party’s secretary general.

The Voice staffer, DANIEL CHIDA, speaks to the former National Strategy Committee member, who authored a training called ‘Domokrag Kgomo ya Motswana’.

As the BDP SG, what is your vision or roadmap?

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I desire for a united BDP that allows all members to participate equitably in the decision-making and programmes of the party to maintain and sustain our stay in government.

Together with my colleagues in the central committee, we will work to ensure that we win elections in 2024.

What is your target for the upcoming general elections?

The target, of course by any organisation, is to improve on your previous performances; hence my ambition in that regard entails increasing both our popular vote and seats of representation to above 67% (2/3).

Your party has been losing by-elections, how are you going to make sure you bounce back?

My strongest conviction on this matter is that most of our losses have been owing largely to the disunity within our structures as opposed to any noticeable effort of our competitors.

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We are in the process of resuscitating our structures to enliven party activism, and to vigorously sell the success story that is the BDP in government, as well as a strong focus on the delivery of our manifesto promises.

On social media, people have lost trust in the ruling party; how are you going to convince them again?

Our presence and visibility on all social media platforms continues to grow in leaps and bounds and we will ensure that we engage all media platforms to clearly communicate the effectiveness and delivery of our government programmes and services as our major selling points for all Batswana to appreciate.

We saw ministers resigning from their positions, including the SG you took the baton from; is it an issue you will look at to find out why?

Well, batho betsho, let’s first and foremost appreciate that ministers serve at the invitation and behest of the President and their own acceptance, and it would be improper for a cabinet outsider like the secretary general to attempt a comment on or to pontificate about agreements between the President and his ministers.

Has there been a proper handing over by the previous central committee to the current one?

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The BDP has very robust and well-documented handover procedures that we religiously adhere to at any turn of leadership change within all party structures and not just the CC. Therefore the recent exchanges of leadership in all our structures are not any different.

We saw Team Molefhi showing how disgruntled they were; has there been any reconciliation since the Tsabong Congress?

Reconciliation suggests that there has been a fallout, which I have repeatedly said that I have no recollection of that being the case.

We have collectively and individually passed regards and best wishes to each of the contestants at the recent National Congress in Tsabong, and we continue to work collegially for the BDP to win massively in 2024.

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