Flexing a muscle

Kabelo Dipholo
OPTIMISTIC: Mutasa believes in Botswana
  • Botswana touted as Africa’s next Financial Hub

Botswana has been touted as a future regional superpower, and a potential African financial hub due to its good global ratings and enabling macro environment.

This was said by the founder and Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Masawara, Shingai Mutasa.

Mutasa was speaking at the just ended two-day National Business Conference (NBC) in Francistown.

The millionaire Zimbabwean entrepreneur hailed the country’s political landscape, describing it as perfect for attracting direct foreign investment.

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Known for his passion for Africa, Mutasa’s investment company focuses on acquiring strategic interests in companies mainly based in the East and Southern African region.

He encourages investment in Africa and participates in programs that advocate for the development of Zimbabwe’s future.

Sharing his investor perspective into Botswana’s Vision 2036 goals, the Masawara Group CEO said investors tend to firstly look at the leadership of a country as one of the key considerations before investing.

“Botswana is well led, with a strong civil service, thereby having the critical infrastructure for economic development,” said Mutasa.

He further said some of the country’s notable strengths include the homogeneity and a strong culture which renders Botswana as an attractive investment destination.

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“With the necessary self-belief and remembering that Botswana is not alone, the country is well poised to transform itself into a regional super power,” he said.

He expressed his firm belief in the Botswana 2036 goals, noting the nation has the necessary competence and capacity to attain these goals as the political class has already laid the necessary policies and initiatives towards this.

Mutasa, however, warned that for the goals to be achieved several things have to be in place which include capacitating the human capital, infrastructure and building self belief.

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“The country’s business community and its people need to believe in Botswana’s, and their own, potential. Self-belief is an essential component to attainment of the 2036 goals,” he said.

Mutasa also encouraged business leaders to think big and dream the impossible as the country has the intellect and capacity to execute.

“Botswana must realize that she’s not alone but is part of a great continent. African nations need to invest more into ourselves. The more we build our continent, the more we magnify our potential and make it a reality,” said Mutasa.

Flexing a muscle

His sentiments were shared by the Managing Director (MD) of DNA Economics, Dr. Matthew Stern, who encouraged Botswana to take positive and bold steps in mapping her own future and move away from the shadow of her more advanced neighbour, South Africa.

In his address on ‘Intergration into the global market’ Dr. Stern said Botswana was ready to be a big player in the region.

“There’s an opportunity to take up that space in the region, and no country is better placed than Botswana,” said Stern.

“All Botswana should do is stop trying to be like South Africa, because you’re much better off than them. You’re doing well and can do even better economically to be a leading country in the region where all investors want to come,” insisted Stern.

Stern, who’s based in South Africa, said Botswana has business friendly regulations for investors which will give it a competitive edge against many African countries, including South Africa.

“You’re way better than you think, just start doing things your own way,” concluded Dr. Stern.

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