PAC chairperson calls for its sitting

Daniel Chida


Member of Parliament for Selibe-Phikwe West, Dithapelo Keorapetse has written a letter to the Speaker of National Assembly, Phandu Skelemani requesting for the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to be allowed to sit in order to deal with a backlog of unexamined books of accounts of government from financial years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.

In his letter dated, June 2nd 2020, Keorapetse suggested that the Speaker’s office or that of the Clerk, together with the Director of Health Services could assist the PAC to comply with all the health protocols whilst conducting its hearings.

The PAC Chairperson further stated in his letter that the committee hearings have in the past uncovered real and potential acts of unethical conduct, maladministration, mismanagement, corruption, fiscal and revenue crimes and recommended remedial measures.

The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA engaged different people including former and current Members of Parliament and Non Governmental Organisations to get their views on PAC and its need to sit.

Noah Salakae- Former MP for Gantsi North

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It is true I have been reliably informed that Keorapetse has called for PAC to sit after two years of the committee being in a mute state but I do not think it is something one should read too much into because as far as I know PAC normally doesn’t sit during election year.

Even former chairperson, Abraham Kesupile attempted to convene a meting sometime back but MPs were busy campaigning and couldn’t attend. What I have also learnt is that what’s outstanding is financial year 2017/2018, because the books couldn’t examined in an election year.

Then 2018/2019, Auditor General hasn’t released her report, which could still be at the printers so PAC can only sit after the audit is complete and published. This is a matter of following procedure.

Botho Seboko- BOCONGO’s Executive Director

In the assessment of the 10th Parliament, I think the PAC did very well. It’s never too late to call for accountability, both from the PAC and those tasked to convene it.


We must demand accountability from the entire committee and seek an explanation to why PAC did not meet, better yet, why parliament stayed mum all this time.

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Our hopes as Batswana are hinged on that Committee, we therefore urge those responsible to take tasks entrusted upon them seriously.

Goretetse Kekgonegile MP for Maun East

It’s very progressive of Keorapetse to be proactive in Parliamentary oversight mandate as PAC Chairperson.

There has been a two- year vacuum in which a lot has happened which the Executive must account for.


The Committee must work around the clock to push the two-year’s backlog and move into COVID-19 massive corruption dealings.

I have confidence in Keorapetse’s ability to expose and make the Executive account for corrupt practices being witnessed around the country.

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Due to the vacuum, the country is building one million pula each nine cubicles toilets, Choppies is being given un-competed for tenders, millions of pulas are being spent in Ministers companies, the country is being downgraded in international gradings and South African companies are suing the country for unfulfilled financial obligations.

Sedirwa Kgoroba former MP for Mogoditshane

Yes and No. I will say No because it is a toothless dog whose statue deprives it of the necessary power.


However despite it being a toothless dog as it may be, at least it reveals some things, which might not otherwise come to the public domain

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