Celeb edition with Obakeng Fekenah Garefane

Daniel Chida

Obakeng Fekenah Garefane is slowly becoming a household name in the showbuzz industry.

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The 30-year-old Femcee as she is known is an MC, actress, voice over artist, choreographer and exotic dancer who has been dominating shows lately as part of the Girls On Mask crew.

How has been the reception from the public and crowd?

Well, most of Batswana are shy to admit it but we are craving some real action to be honest.

The reception has been full of love and overwhelming at times.

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Ladies cheer me more than men when I dance and this is surprising because we are known for the pull her down syndrome but I must say it’s totally different some even go to an extent of tipping which is really awesome

Do you allow the crowd to touch you?

I do not allow the crowd to touch me, I once tried it and some got carried away and acted really weird and it ended up disturbing my routines.

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How does your partner feel about your line of work?

Oh my God I must I say I have hit a jackpot right there, I am super blessed to have a partner who supports me and loves me just as I am.

I do not remember any show that I went to without him, he manages what I wear, what I dance to and when I get carried away sometimes willing to please the crowd he calms me.

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If given a chance would you do strip teasing?

Give me the chance and let’s decide when it comes! Hahaha, no I wouldn’t.

Which type of music do you like to use?

I really love RnB and Hip Hop but of recent I have discovered dancehall.

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Who has been your best DJ?

My best DJ would have to be Sanchez Africa.

We met recently and I love how she puts herself into her craft and her work ethic.

She is just awesome.

Celeb edition with Obakeng Fekenah Garefane

Which show stand out as the best for you?

I have had a few good shows but It would have to be BAC semester shutdown, I was a backup dancer for Freddie Pro.

The trolls we got the next day from social media were shocking but through that show I started getting recognition.

Where would you like to perform?

I am a lover of life and a lover of dance so I am open to perform anywhere

Have you dated a fan?

No and it will never happen.

How do you turn down those who show feelings?

Just like any lady does, nicely and respectfully.

Promoters got a tendency of not paying perfumers, have you experienced that?

Eish…I have experienced that once.

It was a heartbreaking experience.

Remember I had to pay my personal DJ, My personal bouncer, my driver and I had to tell them I wasn’t paid fortunately they trust me and understood..

Have you ever performed in any empty place or cold crowd?

My name calls a few people to the table all the time so I have never performed for an empty crowd but cold one, yes, a couple of times.

This challenges one to dig deep in them to find that sparkle that will reignite the crowd once again.

Which one is your favourite colour?

I love Green.

5 things people don’t know about you

1. I am a qualified Early Childhood Educator.

2. I believe I am an undiscovered news anchor and television presenter, naturally born with the talents.

3. I was raised by a powerful single woman..

4. I value kindness

5. I am a founder and a director of Girls on Masks.

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