Chillin’ out Friday 23 September 2022


BNFYL pres to join BDF

Shaya has been following the Botswana National Front Youth League President, Resego Kgosidintsi on social media, and of recent she has been toying with the idea of joining the Botswana Defence Force as an Officer Cadet.

The fiery politicians qualifies for the post whose advert is closing next week Monday.

Petrol Bomb as she is known in political circles is an outspoken member of the BNF and a staunch defender of its leader Duma Boko.

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Joining the army will muzzle one of the country’s promising and exciting young female politicians.

If she gets called up to BDF, it would be one of the biggest losses to our politics.

The young woman though has choice to make, she has a young daughter she needs to feed, and as we all know opposition politics doesn’t put food on the table.

Just out of curiosity Petrol Bomb, do you really think you can cope with the intensity of the BDF training?

Backed into a corner

Shaya has been reliably informed that a lot of companies are reluctant to sponsor local football after losing confidence in the leadership.

Apparently companies that recently pulled out of Botswana football were not happy with the way things are done, and have decided to hold tight to their purses.

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A little birdie has told Yours Truly that two company directors approached with a proposal to sponsor Botswana football bluntly told the BFA officials that they’ll never invest in the beautiful game for as long as a certain individual (names withheld) is still at Lekedi Football Centre.

Football officials are said to be speaking in hushed tones, because while everyone knows what or who the problem is, no one is prepared to address the elephant in the room.

Shaya has been told that the start of the league could be further delayed by a month or two.

Those close to the corridors of power claim the league may resume sometime in December. Sunday soccer here we come!

Tricky teacher

Shaya is monitoring a certain female teacher at Moamogwe Primary School at Ledumadumane.

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Apparently the teacher is in the habit of impersonating the Deputy School Head with the intention to dupe unsuspecting foreigners who desperately want to register their kids.

The imposter allegedly targets Nigerians, and demands payment in order to process their kid’s admission into the school.

Behave lady because you will soon be exposed.

Word of advise madam is that you should stick to your portfolio, and focus on teaching your students.

On the other hand, what is it with my Naija brodas? Will it hurt for you to follow the right channels to register your kids. Igwe won’t like this.

Chillin' out Friday 23 September 2022
GU players

GU boozey party

Botswana Premier League reigning Champions, Gaborone United were knocked out in the first round of the CAF Champions League by DRC’s AS Vita on Sunday.

The Money Machine, as GU are called were making their return to regional football after a long hiatus.

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Although the club’s officials blamed a hostile environment and dubious refereeing for their loss, Shaya does not buy it.

Yours Truly has been made aware of a worrying behaviour displayed by some of the team’s management and players.

It has become common to see certain individuals who are part of management binge drinking with players at events around Gaborone.

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This practice is more common at social football gatherings and at Tsholofelo flats.

There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a pint or glass of wine once in a while, but a player that drinks until 4am has no future in football, and a football official who allows it to happen is an enemy of the sport.

Listen to Shaya, stay away from the bottle and focus on your game.

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