Fashion without borders Returns

Khoi Fro
Refilwe Elliot

Fashion Without Borders kicks off this October 2022, in Gaborone Botswana for its annual 8th year.

Fashion Without Borders Africa (FWBAFRICA) is an initiative that occurs (3) thrice a year, March in South Africa, August in DR Congo and October in Botswana, showcasing culture-rich events and brand launch activities and now extending to Mozambique and Zambia under the capable expertise of Team Efigy Productions.

This platform takes pride in creating opportunities for our creative industry and providing an avenue to market new and existing brands. Here are some of the designers that will take part in this year’s FWB!

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Black Excellence by Refilwe Elliot (BW)

Founder of Black Excellence clothing, Refilwe Elliot is a Motswana woman currently based in Gaborone.

Fabrics caught her attention from an early age and with educational background in fashion and design, Elliot is determined to turn her craft into a big brand.

She believes that one must be confident and comfortable in what they wear. Follow her on Instagram @refilwe_elliot.

Fashion without borders Returns
Gomotsegang Dipuo

Ser Consolado by Gomotsegang Dipuo (BW)

Young and upcoming fashion designer Gomotsegang Dipuo, is the creative mind behind her brand Ser Consolado.

The clothing line not only specialises in women’s wear but also creates pieces that exude elegance with a dash of fun.

As an Alumni of Limkokwing University, the budding designer’s work is often inspired by nature, mostly flowers.

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The young creative from Maun brings an adventurous collection, which consists of bright and vibrant colours, with pieces that have incorporated modern trends.

Follow the brand on Instagram @ser.consolado.

Fashion without borders Returns
Tumie Mohoasa

Ngüo by Tumie Mohoasa (BW)

A Swahili word for dress, nguo was born out of need for nonconventional mainstream fashion different from the usual emphasis on snatched waist and hip hugging outfits common with women’s clothing.

Tumie Mohoasa, the style curator at ngüo, started making her own dresses for occasions after she got no joy from store bought clothes, with a little sewing machine bought on sale at game stores some years ago.

Ngüo, which currently employs two women, the curator and the tailor, was born.

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Follow the brand on Instagram @nguo_by_tumie._mohoasa

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