AP berate party poopers

Daniel Chida
FILE PIC: AP members

They are targeting Moti’s money- Kgoroba fires back

Divisions that led to the formation of Alliance for Progressives (AP) from Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) seem to be following the breakaway party as cracks within the purple movement begin to show.

This week some members of the AP were to hold a joint press conference with Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and Botswana Labour Party (BLP) despite the party having pulled out of the merger negotiations.

AP which was in talks with the two parties pulled out and decided to go back to negotiate with Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) for a possible coalition heading to the 2024 general elections.

During the BCP/AP/BLP talks which were held under ‘Botswana O Mosha’ tag name, AP decried infiltration and big brother mentality on the part of the BCP.

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The party complained that some of the confidential information from the negotiation table got leaked to the public by BCP despite an agreement prohibiting disclosure of information until conclusion of the talks. “BCP was intentionally delaying the progress because we could have launched the cooperation by March and they asked that we postpone it to after July as they had a scheduled congress. But there was no guarantee that after July they would play fair,” said Butale at the time of leaving the pact.

This week Butale dismissed allegations of a possible AP break away party saying the people who are addressing parallel meetings to that of the party were few individuals who were being used to infiltrate and break AP. “Because they have failed to infiltrate, break and deliver the party to their masters, they are now delivering themselves,” he said.

Butale went on record and singled out former Member of Parliament for Mogoditshane, Sedirwa Kgoroba, for being the master mind despite having resigned from the party. “Kgoroba is leading the group but we are not worried about him because he is not our member. But those who are members should be careful not to break the party’s code of conduct,” he warned.

However, Kgoroba stood his ground saying he is still a member of AP in good standing as he never resigned. “I told them that if they go to the UDC then I will resign but I haven’t resigned because they have not joined the UDC. Again what I said was a conversation between myself and the party president, Ndaba Gaolathe via a Whatsapp message.”

He added that what the AP leadership is doing is a witch hunt meant to get him out of the way. “There is no action they can take against me. They are targeting Moti’s money, ” he noted.

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