Amantle Brown is back

Sharon Mathala
THE BIG RETURN: Amantle Brown drops new single

Singer drops Kgantele ft. MOD

Six years ago she stunned the country with her debut album titled ‘Sa Pelo.’

Now aged 28 years, Amantle Brown says she has experienced what many won’t probably experience and survive in a single lifetime.

After a couple of heartbreaks, newspaper headlines, and the controversial name saga later, Amantle Brown is dusting up her shoes and getting ready to return to making good music.

This year she intends to drop a 10-track album, which tells the story of her life.

This week, Voice Entertainment caught with the pint-sized singer who has just released her first single called Kgantele, which will be included in the album. In the song, she features MMP Family’s MOD.

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“All I know is that I know how to sing ballads very well but I feel so many people had jumped on what I did with ‘Black mampatile’ and so I felt I needed to do something different but still stick to my original sound,” Amantle Brown shares.

But what kept the singer from dishing out an album in the last six years?

“I have one album in six years and that is not good. The truth is I was all over the place trying to figure out what to do next. And I feel like all the disruption that came about as a result of covid-19 really assisted me a lot because I had time to pause and think as the whole world hit a reset button,” says Amantle.

She continued, “I was in a state of panic, demise really. I was under so much pressure to release and to release good music. The reason why the album took long is that I was still trying to figure out the perfect sound but with this single, we have gained so much confidence.”

Quizzed on why she chose the MMP family star boy to feature on her comeback single the songbird says to include MOD is a spiritual thing. “He was at the right place at the right time. It was all just spiritual,” she says.

The ‘Follow’ hitmaker is not shy to speak about her scandals; in fact, in all her career she has always been upcoming with information. She feels betrayed by Batswana and at one point resented herself.

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A year later, she has regrouped and labels the famous name scandal which involved another artist called Amantle Brown accusing her of bullying her on social media, ‘a learning curve.’

“The name scandal affected me so much, especially emotionally. I felt Batswana who had been supportive of me from the very beginning turned around and acted like they did not know who I was, what I stand for and the work I put in, the music I gave them. My ego was bruised but now I know God put me in that position. I was meant to go through all of that,” she shares as she paused to catch a breath almost as if she was reliving the moment.

She concludes, “This album is really about my journey. All I have been through, all the emotions. We have not figured out a date or title of the album yet.”

Another star that is expected to release an emotional album this year is ATI.

ATI has hinted his album will be titled Box office, with Voice Entertainment being exclusively invited for a listening session.

Fans can only brace themselves for top-notch entrainment and talent from the two artists as they drop albums this year.

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