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Celeb edition with Nicole Martinez

Sharon Mathala

25-year-old Nicole Martinez is no ordinary performer.

The pop star leaves tongues waging each time she is on stage and has proved a sensation on The Voice’s United Live Sessions.

Do you still have ambitions of filling up the stadium?

No, I don’t have wishes of filling up the stadium anymore.

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I have moved past that, I am actually working on taking my brand outside Botswana because there are better opportunities outside.

I am also looking into monitizing my online platform and presence like YouTube and Facebook.

Your music career got off to quite a dramatic start – why do you think that was?

I don’t think it started dramatically.

I just feel ‘the drama’ as you put it was people reacting to my idea and ambition of filling up the stadium.

Actually, my music career started two years before the fiasco, I guess it only blew up because of that controversy!

Do you feel female artists are given the same platform as their male counterparts?

It’s not about female and male artists being given the same platform in Botswana.

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It’s all about who you know or who you are affiliated with and what opportunities they can avail to you because in Botswana anybody can sleep their way up so it’s not a matter of male or female, it’s just a matter of your network determines your net-worth.

What impact has Covid-19 had on your career?

There isn’t much of a difference really.

The only thing now is that I am more focused on monetizing my digital footprint.

Covid-19 I would say helped me realise the potential of online.

Talking about online, have you ever been the victim of bullying on social media?

Oh yes! And I genuinely believe mainstream media contributed to that.

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Some people wanted to apply the ‘pull-down syndrome’ on me and when I resisted I was bullied for my ambition.

What are your thoughts about artists who cause controversy to remain relevant?

They are no different from politicians during campaigns.

Would you ever pose naked for a photoshoot?

(Giggling) Visit my OnlyFans page @nicolemartinezbw, you will find your answer there!

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

To make money, lots of it.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. Most don’t know I am very petite and are often shocked when they see me in person
2. I am a cancer survivor
3. I am a foodie
4. I am loud in bed
5. I am carefree

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