A dream deferred

Daniel Chida

Man cancels wedding Proposal after finding out girlfriend’s married lover

A 36-year-old man of Block 7 in Gaborone, Kereng Ndzinge’s dreams of taking his girlfriend of two years on a surprise trip to Livingstone, Zambia to celebrate her birthday and sum it up with an engagement has been shuttered.

Ndzinge’s plan fell apart after finding out that his girlfriend, Onalenna Chuchuwe Khani, 36, was having an affair with a married man, Unopa Tawana, 50, from Ipungu ward in Nkange behind his back.

Narrating his ordeal, the sobbing Ndzinge, said that he became closer to Khani sometime in 2019 when she was going through a divorce. “I gave her all my support and attended some of the counselling sessions with her. After the divorce was finalised we agreed to date and everything was okay until last year when I found her in bed with another man. She apologised and I forgave her,” said Ndzinge

However after sometime, Ndzinge saw some weird conversation between his girlfriend and Tawana.

“I confronted her and she confirmed that they were dating. This is the same guy whose wedding décor she did. However Khani opened up about her cheating to save her relationship. Ndzinge said that she told him that on her way to Gaborone, she would make a quick stop over in Francistown to have sex with Tawana before proceeding with the journey.

“I was very disappointed but I took solace in the fact that she had opened up and confessed even things that I didn’t know. I agreed to start all over again with her on a new slate because the love I had for that woman made me to accept everything.

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It was this year again while in Nkange, where Khani lives when Khani received a call from Tawana. “He was making an appointment with her and she whispered on the phone telling him that I was around. At that point I knew I was not going to continue with such a person.” Although he has decided to end the relationship for good, Ndzinge still wants Tawana to apologise for breaking what was supposed to be his marriage.

“I had planned everything and even informed my parents. That is why I confronted his family so that they could intervene. He is married and I have never been anywhere near his wife, why my woman?” he said with tears filling his eyes.

When asked about the matter, Tawana who sounded shocked, pleaded with the reporter to give him time to speak to Ndzinge first as he thought the issue was resolved. Khani on the other hand asked to be left out of the mess. “I know both men you are talking about but I know nothing concerning the accusations,” she said.

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