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Leungo Mokgwathi
OTV2 ALBUM OUT : Veezo View and Ban- T

Ban-T and Veezo View squash secret beef for ‘OTV2’

Six years after they first linked up, Ban T and Veezo View have joined forces again, releasing ‘Off The Vapors 2’ to critical acclaim last Friday.

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Dropping an unexpected bombshell to go with the music, the pair have since revealed the ten-track collaboration almost bit the dust due to a simmering, behind-the-scenes beef between the two stars (how did Shaya miss that one!)

Considering no one knew about it, the dynamic duo ought to be commended for their secrecy and especially overcoming their differences to deliver the banger that is OTV2.

The much anticipated sequel is already trending as the second most listened to hip-hop album on Botswana iTunes. The first offering which was a 2017 project was a massive hit that shook up the local Hip-Hop industry.

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However, the two artists are adamant the follow-up completely trumps the first.

“If you thought the first one was fire, then this one is a bomb! We have been working on it for three years now, and it almost did not happen because of a beef that was brewing between us. However, before artists, we are brothers, and the love runs deep, so we found our way back to each other.”

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The 10-track offering was first heard by a lucky few at a private listening session that was held at Skyview Lounge. With production work from the likes of JC, Bzy, Current, Takunda, Riley C, Quxncy and Buscuithead, the streaming numbers suggest that this might turn out to be their most followed project.

“Just like the first EP, the second one is for the BW Hip-Hop culture. It is a celebration of our culture and how far it has come and continues to grow.”

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Promoter and artist manager, Zenzele Hirschfeld, who has been a part of their journey for years, commended Veezo and Ban-T for their dedication and commitment to growing local Hip-Hop.

“I am happy, excited and humbled that what I started so many years ago is so visible. Thank you for growing the culture and for blessing the world with your music.”

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The 32-minute album is currently available on all online streaming platforms. Zambian Multimedia artist, Hippy Bambino has been credited as the project’s Creative Director.

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