Woman visits her abuser in prison

Gofaone Koogotsitse
FORGIVING: Lindah Dikobe IN THE DOCK: Gasenna

An abused woman recently shocked the court when she disclosed that she had violated a restraining order to visit her abusive former boyfriend in prison.

Speaking during her abuser’s court mention, 23-year-old Lindah Dikobe confirmed that indeed she visited the accused, Kabo Galena, 29, arguing that otherwise there would have been no one to visit him in jail.

“It is true that I visited him, there was no one to check on him since his mother lives far away and she requested me to visit and give him clothes,” said Dikobe much to the shock of the court.

Meanwhile the prosecutor, Sub Inspector Limbo Lebala opposed Gasenna’s bail because the man had assaulted Dikobe on several occasions.

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When taking a stand the investigating officer, Constable Lera disclosed that they brought the accused to court for failing to comply with the court order since he visited the complainant on two occasions after the restraining order was issued for him to stay away from the woman.

“The accused assaulted the victim and stabbed her with a sharp object, we fear for the victim’s life. I request that the accused be remanded in custody,” pleaded Constable Lera.

The prison visit secret was revealed to the police when Galena was asked if he had questions to ask and he asked the court if the order allowed Dikobe to visit him in prison since she visited him.

Constable Lera who was surprised to hear that, told the court that the order prohibited the two of them from meeting or having contact with each other.

Finally, Molepolole Magistrate, Mmamerafe Phologolo after getting confirmation that Dikobe had visited Galena in jail ruled that the man be remanded further until his next mention on July 8th, 2021.

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Galena from Thamaga village had appeared before the same court last month facing a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Particulars of the offence stated that he assaulted Dikobe by hitting her with a beer bottle on the head and stabbing her with a knife on the right arm on May 19th, 2024 at Erben Night Club in Thamaga because she was found in the company of male friends.

He was granted a conditional bail and ordered to always keep a distance of 100 meters away from Dikobe.

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Asked why she violated the restraining order by visiting Galena in jail, Dikobe said she would have preferred for the court to just caution the guy and let him go.

She further revealed that their 7-year-old relationship ended last year because of Gasenna’s violent behaviour.

She told of how the man had a habit of assaulting and stabbing her with a knife at the slightest provocation. “It was not the first time; he is a threat to me. He even insults my parents who warned me that should he keep coming home they will have to chase me away from home. I reported him to the customary court several times and I have been forgiving him as his mother asked that I forgive him,” said Dikobe emphasising that despite all she is doing for the man, she had no intention of getting back together with him.

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