Thokolosi’s saucy tantrum

Kabelo Dipholo
FEARED CREATURE: Thokolosi’s breed destruction and fear

Invisible creature continues to terrorise Maitengwe family

Hurls tomato sauce and mayonnaise bottles at them

On Saturday, Wililani family members had to run for their lives, fleeing for cover behind trees and fallen walls as an invisible force hurled tomato sauce and mayonnaise bottles at them.

Two weeks ago, the family’s plight made front page news (Haunted By Hell Fire) after four of their huts were burnt to the ground by mysterious fires.

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The seemingly supernatural blazes, which broke out at random intervals over a nine-day period, left the family’s 10 school-going children without uniforms and books.

Older relatives, meanwhile, were left with little choice but to sleep out in the open for fear of being burnt alive.

Even then they were not safe from the flames, with the fire now targeting household items rescued from the charred mud huts.

Mattresses and bags of clothes randomly caught fire, while plastic buckets mysteriously melted.

OUT IN THE OPEN: Household belongings saved from a burning house

With no other explanation available, the finger of blame was inevitably pointed at a misbehaving ‘thokolosi’.

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Notorious for throwing tantrums and dishing out hot slaps to unsuspecting victims, the creature has apparently upped the ante since The Voice published the story.

“It has been throwing bottles of tomato sauce and mayonnaise at us,” exclaimed Kelebeleste Wililani in an interview on Wednesday.

“We are afraid of our own yard, because this thing can pick up any object and hurl it at you,” added the 30-year-old.

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The distraught young lady revealed some of her family members are limping, a result of the unprovoked violent attack by the presumably short and hairy creature.

Wililani said all attempts to get to the bottom of the destructive fires and hurling of missiles have so far been unsuccessful.

“We’ve invited Eloyi Church to assist us but we don’t have the resources to meet their demands. In the meantime, we have accepted our fate. We spend our days in alert mode ready to duck and escape deadly missiles hurled our way,” she added.

SCORCHED: A ruined notebook

Wililani also told The Voice that despite their pleas for assistance, with the 10 children whose schoolbooks, uniforms and clothes were lost in the flames, there has been no help forthcoming.

“Some go to school putting on flip flops, and they have nothing to wear for play time,” she said.

In an earlier interview with The Voice, Kgosi Shadrack Mphala-Mengwe expressed his shock at the carnage caused by the strange fires.

He said it was the first time something like that had ever happened in his village.

“We’re planning to hold prayers for the family and we’re also working hand in hand with the social workers who have already assessed the situation,” Mengwe said.

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