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COME TO THEIR RESCUE: Children of sebina

As the cold winter chill bites, it becomes a sad reality for children at the Victory Orphan and Destitute Village in Sebina  to know that unless their ‘new parents’ get funds to buy them warm clothes or at least some good Samaritans donate, they will have nothing to protect themselves with from the harsh cold.
It is thus against this background that Village authorities are appealing for help so they can clothe and feed at least 60 children who are under their care.
Making the appeal, one the village’s board members, Witness Taziba said they were finding it hard to provide food and clothing for the orphans and destitute children as were surviving on donors and well wishers.
“We are in the middle of the winter season and the children have no warm clothes to put on because we don’t have money to buy such clothes,’’ he said.
According to Taziba Victory Orphan and Destitute Village was established after an observation made on the type of life being led by the children who were accepted by relevant government programmes under Social and Community Development.
The children’s homesteads were visited and it was discovered that some of the children were heads of homesteads whose parents’ whereabouts could not be established.
It was also discovered that some of the children were under the custody of either physically or mentally handicapped guardians who had no means to fend for them.
“It is our sincere hope that our plea will not fall on deaf ears. We are really desperate to give the kids a decent life,’’ he said adding that the Centre is meant to give the vulnerable children a peace of mind as their second home which will see their life changing for the better if they can the required assistance.
The Centre, built on a plot donated by one of the board members, was formally registered in 2008. It caters for orphans and vulnerable children from Sebina, Nshakashogwe and Marobela in the central district.


  1. waitse ke ipotsa gore kante ke eng goromente wa lefatse la Botswana a na le go thaola batho jaana.right now if u can look u will find that people who can afford something 4 themselves are the ones who are given help especially to this North region nd Tutume is worse regarding to this issue.

  2. Go botlhoko ka gore right now polotiki ya rona e re busetsa kwa morago. people dont do their responsibilities and blame so and so. Batho ba tsengwa mo ditirong the next thing they start complaining ka disele gore gotle gotwe goromente wa palelwa. Who is goromente? Fa ke sa dire tiro goromente o tsena fa kae? Please a re leseng go bogisa ba ba sa itireng sepe ka ntate ya gore re bo mang mang.

  3. Wena Dorothy ke dumalana le wena. The very people ba o fitlhelang ba nnetse gore goromente this, goromente that,you’ll find that o latlha dijo e bile o tshuba le tsone diaparo tse a sa di tlhokeng, go sa reye gore ga gona the needy mo neighbourhood.
    So batho ba Modimo let us be the change we always preach about. Fa o ka ntsha makgasanyana a o a tlhobogileng, a ka dira pharologanyo e tona mo go yoo amogelang.

  4. baji ba botswana ba tshamikisa madi ba re mabitla abo kgoroba a tlhokomelwe instead of sponsorng innocent souls! Re boleleleng criteria ya go adopta ngwana ke itsele bale babedi.

  5. i fail to understand why people now talkin about dipolotiki le ditiro go buiwa ka bana baba bolawang ke serame. la e lathla tu.

  6. Tanki Stena.Thw main issue ke gore bana ga ba na diaparo and I wonder why go buiwa polotiki.Its up to an individual gore a ba fe dilwana tse bana ba sa di diriseng

  7. it is so boring to realise that people dont even understand the topic,you guys you wasted madi a ga goromente ene yo le buang ka ene,le ya sekolong,le tsamaela go ja dinawa fela….wake up,go buiwa ka bana ba ba bolawang ke serame

  8. i feel that if we open our closets ryte now rena le diaparo tse dintsi tse re sa di apareng for almost a year, so the Voice can u make a room @ ur offices where we will take those unwanted items to coz whats old on me is new on somebody and appreciated, we really would love 2 help most of us with clothes ba bangwe shold pledge ma 1000.00 each i mean the top guy at the huse facing east with aticking clock ga se palamente.

  9. I feel the Voice has help to expose this saddening story, thanks you to the writer. However, if you would have done one more task and go to Dept of Social Services serving the same area, get the Social Worker responsible for that village, look at the report and see when the last checked that Orphanage, I will be happy for that. Bagaetsho this a typical example ya gore MmaBoipelego o ja madi aga Goromente without doing her duties. It also falls in the hands of Local Government as ministry to ensure productivity on its workers. Nna kana Mapalamente, MaKhanselara and Village Elder I wonder how do they work ga ese gore go batla go jela mpeng hela. Lastly, I also ask the board members gore bone whats is their duty except go ja sitting allowance hela, or pride ya gore their names are listed in the board.
    Dilo tse di utlwisa botlhoko coz if you look at it there are government funds readily available for circumstances like these, and i feel the media should research more and uncover all unknown procedures and cut of the red tape tsa ga Goromente. In overrall, for sure there is Government, so ke kopa gore wena o reng go seka gatwe Goromente o bue gore reye ko go mang who you know can help our children.

    Thanks to the efforts of somebody/people who made an effort to house our own child faced by the life challenges, i guess we can also tap Local NGO/CBO/FBO to help with donations, basic life skills program.

  10. pgal ,you are one of the people ba ba sa tlhaloganyeng dilo. the goverment caters for people those children once it becames knowledgerable. vdc and area mp and councillars must account for what is happenning to those children. ke tsone dilo tse mr president a di ganang tse.