Key witness in election rigging case in limbo

Daniel Chida

Political maverick, Moemedi Baikalafi has been in the wilderness without a political home after ditching the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) immediately after 2019 General elections.

Baikalafi gained notoriety when he emerged as the key witness, expected to spill the beans on the role he purported to have played in 2019 general elections rigging at the BDP.

He however did not take the stand as UDC lost the case on a technicality.

The Voice Reporter, DANIEL CHIDA caught up with Baikalafi who is still undecided on which party to join to find out if he could share what was contained in his evidence.

You have been quiet what has happening?

I haven’t been quiet just busy with other things as usual.

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Which political party do you belong to?

In terms of my political home I’m still in talks with both the Botswana National Front and Botswana Patriotic Front but very soon I will make a pronouncement of which party exactly.

A lot was expected from you as a key witness on vote rigging but you never took the stand, care to shed some light on the evidence you have?

Yes, you would recall that our judiciary decided not to decide on this matter and the petitions were dismissed on technicalities, which was a sad day for our democracy as the nation was eagerly waiting for the evidence to be told, with the nation listening and everybody being the Judge.

The evidence is still kept safely by relevant stakeholders.

At the right time the evidence will be shared.

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Witnesses are many and some of them have been expelled from work by this government in relation to this Elections Rigging Case.

Were you paid to give evidence?

Paid by whom? Oh Please, you can even cross check with my accounts and I’m still Moemedi Baikalafi.

What happened to the “crash landing” event?

Due to Covid-19 all got affected and now things are a bit delayed and we hope and pray things normalise soon.

The Big Day is underway; let’s wait in patience and in prayer.

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What was your main role going to be at the public court?

Only time will tell, let’s be patient, Covid-19 has really messed up everything.

We later learnt you were an asylum seeker heading for UK because you feared for your life, what stopped your immigration?

What? I am hearing this for the first-time Ka wena Rara!

Was your life ever under threat though?

My life was and is still under threat, thanks to some officers within the DISS who would from time to time care to share information that concerns my life I am still alive.

Who was threatening you?

Many institutions that we all know are used to settle scores. Lo a Di itse le Lona.

2024 is around the corner, which role are you going to play?

Simple, Cast a Vote in the direction for a change.

Your take on the current government?

Oh God! What is happening in this country, are we ever going to survive? I doubt.

The blind can see, the deaf can hear that indeed the country is on its knees.

Leadership crisis, high unemployment rate, corruption, high cost of living, we are in trouble.

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