Fresh face in politics

Daniel Chida

From Fuel Industry Straight Into Politics

Things are getting interesting as election dates get closer and closer. Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has seen a number of people raising their hands to contest in some of the constituencies especially those in the city. Although a number of names have been mentioned, a notable is one Rebaone Seema who has been busy making inroads at Gaborone North constituency.

Having been in the Petroleum industry, primarily transportation of petroleum products and logistics, Seema prides himself as someone who has mentored a number of entrants into the sector, by offering extensive advice and guidance until they reached where they are now without fear or delusion of prospective competition.

Seema is busy doing some charity work in the area. The Voice staffer, DANIEL CHIDA talks to the relatively new man in the political arena.

Share a bit about yourself.

I consider myself to be a selfless, kind, friendly, approachable and humble Motswana and most importantly a prudently positive change maker.

Furthermore, I am businessman, a farmer, a peoples’ person and care giver who believes in equality for all. Unity, democracy and rule of law all warm my soul and I always strive to be impactful and leave positive change in anyone’s life, which allows them to realise their worth and capabilities

What drove you into politics?

We all are politicians one way or another in our own right at varied forums. However, to the core, as an observer of history, I have taken teachings from there and as evolutionary as politics are, it’s a sphere meant and designed for the betterment of all, to express, to impact, to effect change and to improve at an appropriate scale. So, who wouldn’t want to add to writing a piece of history?

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We are approaching elections, are you not interested in contesting too?

Well, as a Motswana, it’s a right and a prerogative to contest for any public office or position. A Motswana may be an aspirant and follow through with their goals if they see fit. These are my goals and not dreams and of cause goals with a vision that will bear an inclusivity for all’s manifestation.

So in conclusion it is definitely an interest that I have pondered upon. By nature I would like to make a difference and reach out to everyone. I would like to unite my people and cultivate a positive change, awaken self-worth and pave way for progress for citizens in and for this beloved republic of ours.

Under which party?

Answer: Is this a trick question? I am an undivided and not swayed by a bit in my belief of diligent values, quantifiable goals and achievements and acutely deliberate value based principles and have been all my life and this will not change as long as the Lord has granted me further days to live. So yes, I affectionately, deeply and strongly affiliate and am a Democrat (with a capital D).

As someone staying in G-North does that mean you are targeting the area?

Well, my friend, Botswana is vast, any Motswana belongs anywhere in this formidable vast land of our republic. Batswana need a figure that is genuine, fresh, energised with a courteous voice of advocacy.

They need support and enhancement of superb systems in place for the betterment of their livelihoods and above all, they need to have their clearly audible and united decibels’ heard. So, should the incubation come of age, I am a Motswana in Botswana.

Who inspires you?

Inspirations are drawn from varied spectrums. Importantly is relevance to the then and now. Great men and women have been, some present and left marks, paved paths of enlightenment and guidance.

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There isn’t a single person who has or inspires me but a few examples would be Lady Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, a true advocate for rights and equality, Kwame Nkumah, a spectacular voice for unity, Benjamin Franklin, steadfast on education, research et’al, a true embodiment of empowerment and here at home our own Sir Seretse Khama, a true statesman with strides of self-reliance. The list is endless from different spectrums.

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