Chillin’ out Friday 07 April 2023

TAKING TO FACEBOOK : BJB with his new girlfriend


Bontle Jwa Botswana aka BJB took to Facebook recently to show off his new shiny thing.

She is definitely a pretty one, however, the one thing that caught the eyes of many were her knock-off Balenciaga shoes which instead read Baelcniaca.

Many people got a laugh out of them but as always, BJB could not be bothered. Shaya gets it though, sometimes you gotta take those chances for the sake of drip.

Chillin' out Friday 07 April 2023
BIDDING RB2 FAREWELL : Motlhokathari

Resego exits RB2

Rb2 has lost yet another star as Resego Motlhokathari bows out. The talented radio personality has followed his friend Missgeekays out of RB2 studios to chase ‘other ventures’.

While Shaya couldn’t be happier for him, I don’t think Sunday Ballads will ever be the same without Resego’s warm and sultry sound. Whoever is taking over will have big shoes to fill, goodluck!

Chillin' out Friday 07 April 2023
LOOKING COSY : Chengeta and girlfriend

Chengeta marriage prank

Ndinaye Chengeta made news on April 1st with claims that he secretly got married on Valentine’s day.

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My beloved, please save your congratulatory messages because Shaya can confirm that it was just a silly April Fool’s post.

While Chengeta is happily in love, there hasn’t been any wedding bells yet. As always though, Chengeta played along and never rubbished the claims, probably capitalizing on making headlines.

Chillin' out Friday 07 April 2023
SOUR : Gabs Diva

Influencer entitlement

Gabs Diva is sour for not getting an invite to the Brutal Fruit Spritzer! In an Instagram rant, the influencer went on to express her disappointment in the brand for leaving her out of the event considering how much publicity she gives them. “What’s sad is that I actually asked the sales rep for an invite a few months ago.”

These influencers need to be reminded that at the end of the day, these brands don’t belong to them and that they can invite whoever they want to their events.

Chillin' out Friday 07 April 2023

DJ Fresh to the rescue

Although quite delayed, Shaya has been told that DJ Fresh finally paid for the young girl who was stuck in Thailand for the Little Miss Idol World pageant.

The girl was apparently unable to fully pay for her registration to participate at the pageant in January when DJ Fresh offered to pay the fees. Shaya has no idea why it took him almost two months but, I am just glad he fulfilled his promise.

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It never made sense to me why the child’s parents even allowed her to risk going to Thailand without having paid the fees though. Thank God you had DJ fresh to the rescue, but next time, plan better or don’t go at all!

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