Chillin Out Friday 03 October, 2023

L-R: Neethings, Chombo, Sekati's & William Last KRM


More than one booking in a single day is nothing new, artists do it all the time.

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However, it sometimes doesn’t end well for promoters and revelers when their favorite artist doesn’t show up because he or she was held up elsewhere.

Shaya noticed that Ezra Neethings, who is a busy man these days, has been booked for both the Joyous Celebration and the MICAF event, which will be happening October,28th, 2023.

This is just a fair warning to Ezra not to pull off a Makhadzi on us because in case you didn’t know, Cancel Culture here in BW is real!

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Comedian, singer and content creator, William Last KRM continues to redefine Botswana’s social media space as we know it!

The funnyman recently celebrated a 3 million followers milestone on Instagram and Shaya couldn’t be more proud.

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That “Content Creation Masterclass by William Last KRM” Shaya has been asking for is long overdue, so get to work and save us from underproduced skits and reels.


Perhaps it’s time we sat down and interrogated the difference between documentary series and reality tv shows because ‘The Sekatis’ is giving Shaya true documentary vibes!

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Shaya was expecting something more along the lines of The Real Housewives and Uthando Nes’thembu, however, there is too much talking and very little reflection of their daily lives which is really boring if I may say it frankly.

So far, the show is a thumbs down for Shaya!

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Truth be told, Shaya had forgotten about our Miss Botswana 2022/23, the lovely Lesego Chombo, that was until the Miss Botswana Team announced auditions to be held in October on the hunt for the next queen.

Now, the Miss Botswana Team prides itself in the fact that this time around, they will be covering 23 locations, but this is concerning to Shaya who is wondering when Chombo’s Miss World campaign will actually kick off.

They started well until they ran out of activities it seems, and our queen became BTO’s unofficial brand ambassador.

They already seemed to pay such little attention to Chombo’s road to Miss World 2023, so Yours Truly wonders what happens when the attention switches to the auditions road tour.

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