Waiting for her wheels

Leungo Mokgwathi

No sign of Miss Supranational Botswana’s promised Haval

After a highly successful debut, including well-run auditions, boot camps and fashion show, topped off with a glamorous grand finale, Miss Supranational Botswana was hailed as a sterling example of what a beauty pageant should look like.

To add to the admiration for what appeared a well-planned project, the winner was promised an assortment of spectacular prizes.

These included: a Haval Jolion car, a scholarship to study at Limkokwing University, a house for the period of her reign, sponsored gym membership, wardrobe sponsorship for the entirety of her reign and health cover from Sedilega Private Hospital just to name a few.

On learning this, a thoroughly impressed Miss Supranational International Creative Director, Andre Sleigh was moved to label Miss Supranational Botswana one of the biggest and most impressive pageants he has come across.

However, almost a month on from Queen, Dabilo Moses’ crowning, wicked whispers from behind the scene suggests Supranational Bots was not as super as it first seemed.

According to a well-placed source, the 22-year-old Maitengwe-born beauty, who was crowned queen on 15 April, is yet to receive any of the promised prizes.

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“It’s not clear why, but I can confirm she hasn’t received anything,” insisted the insider, who pleaded for anonymity.

The most anticipated prize was the Haval Jolion which according to organizers, Something Big Productions, would be used by the queen throughout her reign under the clause that she would not sell it within a two-year time frame. This suggests the car’s handover should have been done as soon as Moses’ reign started.

Following up on the allegations, Voice Entertainment spoke to a Spokesperson at Miss Supranational Botswana, Kaone Moremong, who was quick to rubbish the rumours.

Waiting for her wheels

“The Miss Supranational prizes are there. The Queen is already enjoying some of her winning perks. An official handover ceremony date will be announced soon,” she declared.

When quizzed on exactly which prizes Moses ‘was enjoying’, after going silent for over a day, Moremong finally responded, “As you can imagine, our prizes are not just ordinary movable items.

After crowning, we do consultations with our winners on the scholarships and courses, consult with their preferred varsities, go to our dealerships, choose colours and specifications, then place orders and issue funds release from our trust fund.

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“As Something Big, we do not believe in compromising our standards and therefore intentionally choose to deliver once plans are finalized to proper professional standards we have set for ourselves,” she concluded.

In July, Botswana will make her bow at the International Miss Supranational Pageant in Poland where Moses will take on 55 other contestants for the coveted crown.

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