Chillin’ out 30 September 2022


Total rip off show

Talking of All White music show, the promoter Teaz must up his game or risk losing some of his supporters.

A number of artists who were on the line up such as Toss, Numba, Mdovar, and Njelic were not there much to the disappointment of the revellers.

Kabza De Small sucked, his set was below his usual best.

Vee Mampeezy who was not part of the line-up performed much better.

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So this is a warning Teaz, Shaya has ears.

A quickie on the school grounds

Government should come up with strict rules on people who enter public school premises.

Shaya is aware of drug lords who target students but that is a topic for another day.

There is also a new disturbing trend of people using school grounds for sexual activities after hours.

Shaya watched a white Nissan (Number Plates and company which it belongs to withheld) drive behind TlogaTloga Junior School for a quickie.

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And shockingly some students were still in school when you did your dirty work.

Next time control your libido and look for a decent place instead of a school.

Ooh by the way did you notice that there was a football team practising there? Talk about a blue movie for the footballers!

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Chillin' out 30 September 2022

Too tired for music show

The fun season is here with a number of activities lined up each weekend.

Some of the festivals are even held on Thursdays and Sundays leaving revellers with very little time to rest.

On Saturday, Shaya joined multitudes of party animals that thronged the Royal Aria Stadium for the All White festival but what caught my attention and that of the medic team was that of a certain lady who passed out as early as seven in the evening.

Shaya is wondering why she bothered to go to the stadium in that state.

The medical team had to be called since everyone thought she was sick only for Shaya to find out that she was drunk and had blacked out.

What if there was a stampede my lady. Take care of yourself!

Chillin' out 30 September 2022

Things they say

Be very observant, the calibre of people who respond to your posts may give you a measure of where you are in the Universe-Legendary DJ and Promoter Sidney Baitsile.

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