Celeb Edition with Pako the Saxophonist

Kitso Ramono
SAX APPEAL: Pako Sebekedi

Pako Derrick Sebekedi is one of a handful of locals to master the saxophone.

The 28-year-old self-proclaimed ‘SaxMogul’ has made it his mission to spread a little joy through his music, offering his services for hire as a surprise gift, serenading loved ones on their special occasions.

Originally from Molepolole, the online sensation got down with Celeb Edition this week to discuss his sax appeal and why he’s become such a huge hit at birthday parties…

Let’s get the obvious question out the way – where did you learn to play the saxophone?

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I grew up in a church with a marching band.

There was this instrument but people were not playing it, curiosity built up because I’m fascinated by uncommon things.

I started learning how to play it, and started listening to music with a lot of sax, that’s how my love for the Sax started.

Wow so you taught yourself, that’s impressive! What does it take for one to learn to play the sax?

It takes love and passion first for one to learn to play this instrument; most people think it’s hard to play, but actually it’s not!

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They just don’t have the patience and drive to go for years learning.

Secondly, it takes ownership; you can’t be a saxophonist if you don’t have one!

How easy are they to get, I’d imagine they cost a pretty penny?

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That’s true; the cheapest you can find is about P6, 000.

The one I’m using costs P108, 000!

You’re doing something a little different, getting booked to surprise people on their special occasions like birthdays. How did this idea come about?

Every day when I wake up, I browse through social media first to check what’s popping, who’s trending and so forth.

There’s this notification on Facebook, ‘Pako and thirty others are having their birthdays today’.

I said to myself, what if I advertise ‘gore ke gasa batho’.

I thought about it and started immediately.

That was in late 2022; and the rest is history.

What were you doing before this masterstroke?

I was schooling.

I’m a technician by the way, I did Electronics – no desire to be an employee though – and I also worked for a courier company called Delight Express Courier.

Then I was hired by TMS Logistics because of my hard work and knowledge of the industry, doing deliveries, sales and marketing at the same time.

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Take us through the process of being hired to surprise a client?

For me to be hired to surprise someone, I firstly need to know if I have a contact person, the one who will be with Mogasiwa.

If not, I’d need full names and/or a recent pic of Mogasiwa to be able to identify them.

Then obviously my service fees, currently at P700 per delivery in Gabs and surrounding areas and a free video, which will also be posted on my Facebook page.

What do you love most about your hustle?

I love my job because it makes people happy!

Seeing people emotional and crying because they’re happy makes me feel like I’ve won a trip to heaven already.

Besides special surprise performances, what other gigs do you do?

I do weddings, church events, studio sessions, birthday celebrations and so forth.

I have a fully registered company.

Please book me guys, I promise I will deliver.

Since becoming famous, what’s the public response been like? Have your bookings gone up?

The response from people is a positive one because no one would be mad when shown love.

Of course they’re some instances where people get mini heart attacks, but because it’s not bad news or anything scary, at the end of the surprise it’s all lovey dovey and laughter.

As man who put smiles on people’s faces, with ladies in particular lighting up at your sax appeal, are you in a relationship yourself?

I’m in a relationship yes – and I prefer keeping it private; this is Gabs, they may end up taking her if I disclose who she is!

Five things people don’t know about you?

1.I’m an Electronics Technician
2.I was born and raised in Zola, Old Naledi
3.I used to play rugby for the national team
4.I’m very shy
5.I play all genres with my Sax

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