High absenteeism blamed for poor exam results in Mopipi

Bame Piet
MINISTER: Makwinja

School scores 20% pass rate in two years

Absenteeism in Mopipi Junior Secondary School has been blamed for poor results in the last four years.

The school only managed to score over 20% pass rate in the last two years (2022 and 2023) whilst it has always been below 20% in previous years.

This poor performance has been attributed to some classes being held in the morning awhile others were taught in the afternoon through a system that was termed; “shifting” introduced in 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic.

“In order to curb high absenteeism, the school experienced when they initially embarked on shifting,’ the school halted the system despite recommendation not to do so,” said the assistant Minister of Education Nnaniki Makwinja in response to a question in Ntlo ya Dikgosi this week.

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With 763 students and 8 classes at each level, the school has resorted to utilising other available spaces as classrooms.

The spaces include multipurpose hall, converted outdoor teaching areas, old kitchen, science labs, and some specialised rooms.

While there are reports of students taught in open spaces across the country, the assistant minister said that there are no students who are taught in open spaces in Mopipi, adding that the school alumni are currently raising funds to build a bloc of two classrooms.

Kgosi Banyula of Boteti Region had asked the minister if he was aware that the school operates as an 18-stream school while the resources are for a 15 stream school; if so, how did she intend to correct the situation.

She said that in addition to utilising available facilities, the school has sought two caravans from Debswana, whilst there is a consideration to expand the school in the near future.

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