Celeb Edition with Motaso General

Leungo Mokgwathi

Boasting a following verging on 119, 000, Omphile Boikanyo aka ‘Motaso General’ is fast becoming the most controversial local persona on Facebook.

In his own words, the 24-year-old Mochudi native is, ‘the wealthiest and the wisest general of our generation who when time is right will set us free and chain us into our salvation away from our misery…’

The outspoken Boikanyo, who has made his fortune as a forex trader, is notorious for his unguarded and straight shooting nature.

How did the name ‘Motaso General’ come about?

I got the name Motaso in 2016 from my schoolmates at the boot camp.

It came as Motaso Bataso (kgosi ya batho) I regarded my school as my territory and its occupants as my people (Bataso). Upon completing my BGCSE, I opted to replace Bataso with General.

How and when did you learn about forex trading? Did you anticipate this level of success and fame?

I started trading towards the end of 2020, October to be precise and yes I saw everything coming, I was not caught by surprise.

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Congratulations on your recent marriage to the lovely Myla; what does such a milestone mean for you?

On my end, getting married and starting a happy family is the breakthrough I think I needed.

It seems someone posts something scandalous about you at least once a day! How do you ensure such negativity does not affect your mental wellbeing?

I understand that Batswana are a sad and hungry nation. The hunger has led to anger. I believe anyone who makes an attempt to defame me is influenced by hunger.

I often state that I mean no harm in what I do or say, the offended are the affected. It’s not easy being successful in an unsuccessful environment but I’m highly unbothered!

Celeb Edition with Motaso General

“Motaso can be an example to many if he sends his message across well”. What’s your take on this sentiment?

There is nothing more important than being yourself and being true to yourself. My take on the sentiment is that its author is dumb, stupid and hopeless, in fact faint visioned.

If he/she thinks there is a better way of sending the message then he or she should create his or her own message the way he wants it to reach people. I’m being myself and whatever message I’m sending can be understood by others. Smart as I am, I don’t expect to be understood by all.

What’s an annoying habit you have?

I don’t have any annoying habits.

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Fair enough; what would you like to be remembered for?

I have seen hell with my bare eyes and escaped unharmed. That’s how I should be remembered; there is nothing ordinary about me.

Would you rather have more money or more time?

I have less responsibilities in life, so I don’t want more money nor more time.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I don’t have friends, not even one. That’s why people only know what I allow them to know about me. That’s all!

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