Celeb edition with Ketz Johnson

Sharon Mathala
Ketz Johnson

30-year-old Koketso Johnson Mangadi – better known by the stage name, Ketz Johnson – is a soulful singer who radiates style and class.

With the voice to back his confidence, big things are expected from the smooth-talking Ratholo native….

Congratulations, despite these tough Covid-19 times, I see you recently launched a clothing line…

Thank you so much! Let me tell you this one thing about my clothing line, it was around 3 am when I thought of ways to keep my brand out there, more so that most of my gigs got cancelled due to Covid so I needed a source of income and a branding technique to keep my brand unforgettable.

So it was around 3am and I was deep in my thoughts and just thought ‘mmmh, for the longest time I’ve wanted to own a clothing line so why not now?’

Still, at that hour, my designer, Kezmil, and I began talking about it and he delivered.

So I posted it on social media and slept with the hope that people would respond positively.

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And of course, they did as I wished.

Turning to music, any new material on the way?

Yes! I recently released a new single titled ‘UNCHANGEABLE’ produced by Obylardo which is basically an appreciation song to God for who He has been in my life; even when I hit rock bottom, He still holds me tight and fuels me up.

Again, I’m working on my Extended Play (EP) or mixtape which should be released sometime in August – production is done by JiveMore for the entire EP.

And now turning to the random, which celebrity have you blocked on social media?


Now, this is deep, hahaha! Well…I blocked Zenzele Hirschiefield at one point but I doubt she noticed.

Have you ever been a victim of cyber-bullying?

Not yet, but I’ve seen a lot of social media bullies out there.

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Who is your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush will forever be Bonang Dorothy Matheba.

Her work ethic does me good (chuckling).

What’s the cheapest item of clothing you own?

A very dope jacket I got for 20 bucks and no one would tell it’s the cheapest because I rock it the stylish way hahaha.

When was the last time you cried?

The last time I cried hard was this past weekend when I thought of my late brother.

I still can’t come to terms with the fact that he is no more, so it comes and goes.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I am a very good cook
2. I don’t give up easily
3. I am so single
4. I am addicted to shades
5. I am a pet parent

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