Abusive boyfriend pleads guilty

Oleosi Kgosi
CHARGED: Tshiamo Galerekwe

Amidst the unsettling wave of extreme levels of gender-based violence against women experienced, the surge appears to stretch further than it should shrink as yet another case of woman abuse was before Bontleng Customary Court this past week.

Appearing for the second time, Tshiamo Galerekwe, 29, pleaded guilty to the offence of Common Assault after he was reported at Central Police station.

According to the charge sheet, Galerekwe attacked Kemiso Tuelo on April 23rd near Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) around 2030hrs at night.

The charge sheet further indicated that the accused did not only tie Tuelo’s hands with a rope before proceeding to slap her on the face. He also hit her repeatedly with a belt on her thighs.

Apparently on his first mention dated May 29th, Galerekwe had assumed a stance that he was not guilty and wanted to escalate his case to be heard before a Magistrate Court, noting that he wanted legal representation.

Subsequently the Customary court granted his wish, however, the Police pointed out that afterwards Galerekwe approached them that he had reconsidered and ought to withdraw his decision to have his case heard before Magistrate Court.

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Presiding chief, Kgosi Segametsi Pule, allowed the retraction hence the case proceedings are slated for June 12.

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