Warmth on a cold day

THANKFUL: A grateful Galethuse gives a short speech of thanks

At eight degree Celsius, the temperature is cold enough to warrant several layers of warm clothing.

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However, despite the crisp winter air, 30-year-old Emelang Galethuse is wearing a light black t-shirt as he sits patiently inside Maun kgotla.

The sun is slowly rising in the Wednesday morning (26th July) sky and the unemployed youth, who lives with permanent disability, has arrived several hours early for an event due to start at 10am.

He has been called by the Tribal Administration’s Safety, Health and Environment Committee to receive a donation that includes among others a blanket, comforter, clothes and toiletry.

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“Yes, it is cold, but it does not feel that much cold for me; I think it is probably the excitement,” grins the Kgosing ward native, his genuine smile melting this reporter’s heart.

A man of few words, Galethuse is highly appreciative of the little that life has given him. When receiving his presents, he humbly blesses the hands of the gift-givers.

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“I am grateful for all that you have done for me. This means a lot for me and all I can say is ask God to continue blessing you and enriching you so you can continue giving to others as well.”

According to the committee, Galethuse was identified by tribal administration staff as a deserving beneficiary a few weeks ago and they contributed money to help him out.

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Committee coordinator, Eleninah Tlhapi, explained they take inspiration from President Mokgweetsi Masisi, who encourages compassion, sharing and love as an important element towards national development.

“We believe that an injury to one is an injury to us all. So, if we can, let’s remember those who are less privileged and stand in the gap. Let’s share and join in celebration of those who are rejoicing and comfort those in mourning and, together, let’s help build a happy nation,” rallied Tlhapi.

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Similarly, Kgosi Leretetse Mogalakwe encouraged the tribal staff to keep up the spirit of giving.

“You surely are role models. In my 23 years in the tribal administration, I have not seen such gesture by the staff. For you to dedicate time and efforts to serve others is an impressive thing,” gushed the chief.

“You should understand, anyone can become physically challenged at anytime in life; it is only through support from community that they can be stronger and feel loved,” added Mogalakwe.

Additional donations were made by Blue Ripples Pre-school and Top Bread bakery.

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