Chillin Out Friday August 08, 2023



Sarina’s dreams of becoming an international social media icon may have come to an end, and she has no one to blame but herself.

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South Africa’s Lebo Molax, who is well known for transforming the lives of many struggling members of the LGBTQ+ community, has been eyeing Sarina for a while now.

This came to an abrupt halt when Sarina shocked us all by posting a steamy kissing session between herself and her apparent closeted ex.

It’s unclear what exactly motivated the post, which was later taken down, but Sarina received quite the backlash for breaking the most sacred rule in the LGBTQ+ community – you never ‘out’ someone whose not ready to leave the safety of the closet!

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She may have apologized but considering how infuriated Molax was, it might be game over for dear Sarina.


Does anyone know what happened to the hype surrounding Sebaga Manyapetsa’s Miss Ecology crowning? Early this year, Diamond Pageantry announced that the beauty queen would be representing Botswana at Miss Ecology International but they have since gone mum about it.

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Shaya had hoped to see news reports that Manyapetsa had left for the contest.

Chillin Out Friday August 08, 2023
Chillin Out Friday August 08, 2023

However, to my shock, with the help of good old Google, Yours Truly recently discovered the pageant was held in Venezula back in March and was won by Miss Philippines.

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By the look of things, it seems Manyapetsa never made it there and Diamond Pageantry never explained why, which makes Shaya wonder if all is well with the academy, which was once the country’s biggest.

2023 must be a difficult one for them considering that one of their mentees was stripped off her queen sash which stirred a lot of controversy.

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Shaya can’t quite put a pin on whether Ghanzi natives haven’t forgotten the past or their music tastes are changing.

Whatever the case, the Ghanzi Invasion showed the African Queen dust in the desert over the weekend!

This was the perfect opportunity for Makhadzi to introduce Botswana to her new record label, Makhadzi Entertainment, but it didn’t go so well.

Chillin Out Friday August 08, 2023
LOSING HER TOUCH? Makhadzi on stage in Ghanzi

Instead, revellers thronged The Garden House on Saturday to witness the likes of Paige, Ntate Stunna and DJ Ngwazi. Meanwhile, headlining the Ghanzi After-Party on the same night, Makhadzi found herself performing before a paltry crowd, with only a handful turning up to hear the ‘Ukondelela’ star sing.

Shaya wonders, have Batswana cancelled Makhadzi? Only time will tell.


A high-ranking politician from north of Dibete is allegedly in trouble for having stolen cattle.

Yours Truly learnt that the politician, whose Zimbabwean employees were arrested a fortnight ago, is struggling to explain some of the cows in his kraal.

Apparently the Kgomo Khumo crew had planned to pounce on the unsuspecting politician, but some sympathetic members of the DIS tipped him off.

Shaya learnt that the disgraced politician drove through the night to his cattlepost to cover his tracks before the Kgomo Khumo officers arrived in the morning.

While his Zimbo employees were busted for being in the country illegally, the politician got off scot free, enjoying single malt whiskeys as the boys in blue work overtime to cover-up his transgressions.

Shaya is keeping a keen eye on this one.

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