The latest on beauty through fashion


Black girl magic!

There is increasingly mind-blowing personalization at every touch point in the fashion sphere.

Fashion like any other industry is evolving and its fore-fronters are bringing a blend of indigenous, and modern elements back to life, uniquely voicingout theirinner most thoughts in the fashion world through visual representation.Raymond Geofrey, a seasoned fashion photographer, esteemed content creator and one of the fashion industry’s most successful has used luxurious modern tactics to convey his voice and talk about the world beauty standards today – through fashion.

“The shoot was inspired by the beauty and strength of a modern black woman. Black Women are currently doing so well on international platforms. We have Michelle Obama who is excelling beyond a doubt in the political world.Serena Williams & Caster Semenya are leading sport starts and they are black women.

Beyonce’ still remains one of the most celebrated music talent of all times, whereas Basetsana Khumalo (Miss SA 1994), Lupita Nyong’o (Award winning actress), Adut Akech (Fashion Model of the year 2017-19), Kario (International Face of Nivea), Naomi (Super model & Contributing Vogue Editor), MphoSebina (Musician), Thato Jessica (Musician) and many other black strong and beautiful women have proven that a black girl can be anything she wants to be.

The latest on beauty through fashion

I used a dark skin local model,Kayden as my muse and incorporated some handmade pieces I made using a local bag called “Mozimbabwe” in Botswana but referred to as “Ghana Must Go”in the most parts of Africa.

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The reason why I picked this bag is that I wanted something that resonated with Africa or had an African Identity.

The bag was used in the past as a travelling back by women who used the train mostly between Botswana and Zimbabwe.

These woman travelled long distances to get produce to feed their families from the neighboring Zimbabwe.

Other pieces I used for styling was an off the shoulder one hand cream dress from LT Peculiar Designs.

All the images depict the beauty of a modern, dark skinned woman,” stated Raymond.

Fashion is hugely becoming a medium to use to visualize the story of beauty; defying of old stereotypes, referencing the past as a way of story-telling and preserving the culture and the story of being, and this is no different.

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The undeniable songstress of a force that is Amantle Brown is my best dressed of the week.

The lavender on her just brings out her brownie melanin effortlessly, reeling in some #BLACKGIRLMAGIC.

The latest on beauty through fashion

I give her a 10/10 for being versatile and trying something that is different to her signature hair – that’s what fashion and style is all about – fun, bold and never serious!

Photography | Bornaking Photography

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