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Beyond Beauty (Part 2)

Leungo Mokgwathi
READY FOR GRAND FINALE: Miss Botswana Top 10 Finalists

The race to find the next queen who will bear the responsibility and honour of being Miss Botswana 2024/25 is heating up.

In our last issue, Voice Entertainment profiled five of the top 10 contestants’ ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ projects.

As promised, this week we bring you the remaining five.

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Beyond beauty (Part 2)
Christina Karen Vanstaden (Pillar of Hope)

Pillar of Hope will help women and the girl child discover themselves, changing their mindsets from believing what others say about them to being able to stand their ground and know their worth.

Through workshops and mentoring, women and girls will be guided through life’s challenges specific to them as they regain the confidence that might have been lost along the way.

Beyond beauty (Part 2)
Anicia Gaothusi (Lights)

Since its inception in 2016, Gaothusi’s project has allowed her to serve as an advocate for different issues, such as drug abuse, gender based violence and primary health care, which is now her main focus.

Through her platform, she is committed to advocating and raising awareness on the importance of primary health care, and a well informed, healthy community.

Beyond beauty (Part 2)
Relebanye Bakane (Empowermind)

The aim is to create a support network, centered around discussion on mind harmony and mental issues.

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It outlines the need to form a supportive community where individuals can engage in conversations, share experiences and seek support related to their mental health.

The plan is to provide a holistic approach through an online telemental platform.

It will include licensed life coaches, motivational speakers and psychologists offering mental health services 24 hours, seven days a week for anyone that encounters mental breakdowns at a time when help offices are closed.

Beyond beauty (Part 2)
Lorato Kganyapelo (Arts in Motion)

This is a project aimed at initiating children into the creative industry by setting-up platforms where they can learn from already established painters, dancers, writers, musicians and other artists.

Kganyapelo hopes to learn more about the children and see how else the Arts in Motion team can improve their general wellbeing by providing food, clothing, books and stationary donations, as well as finding ways to give them access to proper healthcare and tutoring systems.

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Beyond beauty (Part 2)
Sebaga Manyapetsa (Torontle)

Manyapetsa is returning to the Miss Botswana platform once again with her project Torontle.

From its roots in advocating against sexual violence and educating children on the matter, the project has blossomed into a multifaceted charitable organisation that has unified the youth to not only work on themselves but extend what they learn to the rest of the community.

Torontle is dedicated to enlightening people on critical issues, with a primary focus on the youth, advocating for personal development as well as doing charitable works such as donating clothes to the less privileged.

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