After Church Glow

Khoi Fro

How to dress for church.

Hi Tsholo, I’m a huge fan and really LOVE your #AfterChurchGlow outfits. I want to attend church this Sunday for the first time.

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Can you please give me a few pointers? What inspires you to come up with the outfits? What should I expect? Lebo S.

Hey Lebo S.

This one is a special topic close to my heart. Church means something different to everyone.

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What I deem correct might not necessarily hit the mark for someone else. Some crave colour and eye-catching extravagance, others prefer strictly black for church.

Anyway, I always have a desire to dress modestly for church but still have that element of comfort. I try as much as possible to wear dresses because they ooze a certain level of elegance, while keeping it relatively humble.

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There are times I’d want to don a hectic outfit, but then I feel compelled not to wear that particular thing to avoid distraction.

The only thing I don’t do exactly as appears on the pictures is the red lipstick. I don’t apply such bold colour for church, it’s purely for the pics!

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As for the clothes, we need to discern the right outfits for church. I know it’s preached to come as we are, but we can always have decency in going to the house of the Lord in keeping things minimal and no skin showing in unflattering ways.

There’s a time and place to flaunt those curves and this is not it! Church space is a sacred space and it’s nice to see people treating it as such.

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I cannot wait to hear from you on your first time. You did well by this decision! Happy Friday!

Dressing for church 101:

1. MINIMAL MAKE UP: I like to keep everything in moderation. Some churches don’t do make up at all while others it’s a come as you are.

However, I prefer to keep mine minimal and only have the red lipstick for the pictures.

2. COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR: Sometimes you’ll have to stand on your feet for a long time – during these moments, I definitely appreciate comfortable shoes.

3. ELEGANT CLOTHING: I’d advise you to wear clothes that avoid showing skin. Elegance beats any skin showing in the church.

It’s a sacred place so you might want to cover up and not bare your flesh, like the thighs, back, cleavage and so forth. Your conscience is your referee, it will always talk to you – whether you like it or not. Listen to your gut but don’t show it!

After Church Glow
Pic 5: COLOUR: Colour blocking is an ideal way to brighten-up into your church look
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