Easy B’s easy decision

Sharon Mathala

Veteran promoter opens up HCC makeup

His Festive show, Home Coming Concert (HCC) was subject to much criticism over the December holidays when he cancelled the gig a few hours before it was set to start.

This week, Easy B announced a fresh line-up for what he terms his ‘makeup show’ scheduled for 29 February.

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Many had cast doubt on the veteran promoter, with his long time partner DJ Fresh calling him out and labelling him a ‘porous’ business partner.

Born Bannye Sesopo, Easy B as he is affectionately called by his legion of fans, spoke to Voice Entertainment about his rescheduled HCC.

Although he is clearly aggrieved at having to cancel so late, he maintains it was the only thing to do.

“Cancelling such an event knowing people travelled from all over the country to attend your show can never be easy. What should be noted is that it was not like I did not pay the artists. I did pay the down payment it was the last pay that was delayed and by the time I was ready to pay they bailed out on us!”

HCC, which is in its 12th installment, will have its makeup edition at its traditional host place Railway Stadium Mahalapye.

Easy B, who has already released big acts like Casper Nyovest, Vee Mampeezy, Master KG, Heavy K, King Monada and Zakes Bantwini, insists this time he has done things right.

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“Everyone has been paid upfront this time around!”

Easy B further announced they have reimbursed 90 percent of those who had purchased tickets.

“For the 10 percent that remains, I hope to see them at the show. We had to reimburse people back their money because as you may know they were threatening violence.”

Asked about his tainted image, a seemingly unconcerned Easy B retorted, “People need to respect us, as legends in the game.

“We have had successful shows in the past 11 years, why is that just this one show causes so much chaos, other shows people did not turn out but why is that HCC caused so much chaos?”

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When quizzed on his strained relationship with his long time partner DJ Fresh, Easy B refused to get into the matter, revealing only that wants to reconcile with the deejay.

“He is a business man and we have been running the event for a very long time together. In any partnership there can be misunderstandings. We are talking about money here. I still respect him as a businessman and as a brother. We will sort out our differences!”

Tickets are on sale at P100 each and P150 double ticket.

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